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Horse is a domesticated animals which is generally found around the South Estisia. It's a popular choice of husbandry as it is heavily used as a working animal. From traveling for very long distances to racing, the horse is essential to humans and their various civilizations.

Horse & Human

Since horses are capable of traveling a long very distance, they cecome the main choice of land communication. Trading become faster and further, leading to the continental trade routes, and the expansion of roads network made by the notable empires in history such as Kritus and then Valonia.

Horse racing is quite a popular sport. From a local traditional competition in their field, to national event with a long grand stadium built such as Rondius Intertemis.

Horses are good for military as well. Many large civilizations invent cavalies as auxiliary units on their army formations. Horse armor made of leather strap and metals covers their forehead and both side of their body, to protect themselves from any projectile.

Geographic Distribution

Wild horses can be found commonly in the grass plain and some forests, especially the riverside such as Dirwen on the west coast, the most populous area of them.

The region became a part of the history in 32 BVE, when wild horses there was once being wiped out from the region. It's the strategy by Kolonus the Terrible of Kritus to cut the supply from the Valonia kigndom during their war and forbidden the usage of horse afterward. Much of Valonian tradition relied on horses, and this event caused many of them to fade away. Decades later, the wild horse population was fully recovered once again.

Basic Information

Growth Rate & Stages

Horse are capable of reproduction at about 18 months, and usually resultted in one foal.

Genetic Descendants

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1 Aug, 2021 12:12

Nice addition of history there. Very extreme tactic to wipe all horses out in the region :p

Feel free to check out my Orena 'Raitin Bane' page and my new world Terra Occidentalis if you want to see what I am up to!
16 Aug, 2021 12:09

Thanks! As they tried everything to erase the mistake that caused their rivalry to grow in the first place, this tactic would be the biggest one :D