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"Look at those lil fellas! Tunnos are pretty damn tough..."
— Unknown

Beast of Burden

  Despite them looking similar to that of a stunted ox, they are significantly tougher to take down than a regular ox. With a toughened hide covered in thick fur, tunnos are able to take a lot more of a punishment and survive in harsh conditions. Additionally, their toughened hide and fur increase their weight and make it especially difficult for them to be knocked down.   Generally used for moving large loads of grain or other foodstocks, tunno are common on farms and around other labour intensive workspaces. They are also not uncommonly found around construction areas due to their resilience. While tunnos are capable of doing a significant amount of work, they prefer to be asked to do work instead of people trying to force them to work as it better fosters their understanding of what needs to be done.  

Free Roaming

  Tunnos require a significant amount of open space to roam while not being utilized for work, it allows them to wander as well as run around. While they require roughly a minimum of an acre of space for every five tunno, most owners ensure they have three times that size.   As well as their land needs, tunno tend to eat roughly thirty pounds of dry hay each day, making them a significant food drain on those who aren't able to put them to work as well.   Despite their roughshod appearance, tunno are remarkably friendly and intuitive. They aren't uncommonly used as alternatives to ponies for small or unexperienced riders due to their nature, as it allows them to understand the needs of the rider in terms of behaviour and actions.
20 - 25 years
Average Height
1.5 meters
Average Weight
4,000 lbs
Average Length
2.5 meters


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Jul 6, 2021 08:55 by Keon Croucher

I like these guys, they sound kinda cute. I will note, their land and food needs do open up an interesting question as to how common their ownership actually is. Like those are some....expensive requirements by almost any standard. Do many own them? or are they more owned by the few, and honestly more affordable to rent their services for most work they'd be suited for?   An interesting creature to be sure :)

Keon Croucher, Chronicler of the Age of Revitalization
Jul 16, 2021 22:52 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I really like that they prefer to be *asked* to do work. That's such a nice detail. Also interesting to see the food/space requirements for owning one.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Aug 7, 2021 06:31

These creatures in my head are very cute. Almost like miniature banthas. Very useful animals.

Oct 25, 2021 04:54

Aw, they sound adorable. I love how they're also pretty smart and get the gist of what those around them to the point they'd prefer to be asked rather than told to do stuff.