Moon Hands

You should be incredibly careful while you walk through the streets of Okodranous, this city is filled with thieves and small-time criminals. But if you are careful, nothing will happen to you. So just hold on to your purse, make sure you always keep it close like I ... where the fuck is it? Ooooh you little piece of ....
— A tour guide in Okodranous while a little monkey runs away with their purse
  Okodranous is one of the most beautiful cities of the continent and many travelers, merchants and tourists come through here - and many unsuspecting tourists, means a lot of money to be made by thieves, scammers and pickpockets. And one of the local criminal groups perfected the art of pick-pocketing and stealing, not by themselves, but by training cute little monkeys to grab anything shiny they can get their little hands on.  


Moon Hands are part of a local species of monkeys. Those monkeys have dark brown and yellow fur, get about 40cm big up to their head and weigh less than 3 pounds. Characteristic of this species of monkey is their silver fur in their palms. They are incredibly quick and dextrous, which makes them perfect for grabbing into pockets and running away really quickly.  
Ohh isn't he sooo cute? Just look at him! He is so sweet ... Hey! Where are you going with my earring! Give it back!
— A tourist


The local thieves' guild breeds Moon Hands and every member usually trains one of them from a very early age on. Until around their second birthday, the monkeys are incredibly playful and hard to train. This time is used for the monkey to form a deep connection with the trainer.   Once they calm down a bit, their real training starts. They learn incredibly quickly and within a few months they can respond to simple commands. Just about a year of training is needed in total for them to understand complex commands and start stealing from travelers and tourists within the city.   The monkeys usually live with their trainer until they die from old age. The thieves guild itself keeps a bunch of them in their Head Quarters for breeding purposes.  
Have you seen those little bastards? They steal everything they can get their little greedy hand on. We never had to train them how to steal stuff, we only had to teach them to bring all the stuff they take back to us.
— Member of the Thieves Guild
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Moon Hands
by Gabriel Villena
Average Height
Average Weight
1.2 kg
Geographic Distribution
Of course we tried to get rid of those little bastards stealing everything they can get their hands on, but there are just to freaking many of them. No matter how many of those little monkeys you kill, there are always more of them!
— A guard of Okodranous

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
5 Aug, 2021 12:53

Nice article :D Such cute little monkeys... Is there a reason why the police force have not simply decided to kill all of the monkeys found inside the city? :p

9 Aug, 2021 19:38

Yes, there is a reason (and I just added a little quote) and it's actually pretty simple. There are just to many of them, so the city has given up trying.