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Ration Grubs

Ration Grubs are a species commonly found among colonies and prospectors. They are best described as the "worst looking thing that tastes like chicken".

Body like a giant tick, brain like a pea. They're these big, dumb, chunky beetle grubs that do nothing but eat and sleep. They're utterly helpless, and grow so big they can barely move.

Not bad with tikka masala though.

Humans hate them because they can never get them right, and because they look like bugs, I suppose. The secret is to pot steam them up with some vegetables and sauces, then roll them out on their back and dig into the tender belly. Nothing beats that steamy, aromatic flavor of splitting open a fresh grub and digging into a hot meal.

Sure, it's not the hyperpalateable wonders of the Hub, but out here in the colonies it's what constitutes as good, old-fashioned cooking.


Tech Clade
Conservation Status

Given how fast the grubs multiply, and their intended usage, there is neither a shortage of ration grubs, a call for conservation of them, or a demand for any less. They are here for the long haul.


They look like a mixture of grub and tick, with forelimbs that can carry them at light weight and drag them, crablike, at higher weights. As they feed and grow, their chitin toughens into an scaly plating which helps to support their body without severely inhibiting its growth.


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Jul 4, 2021 15:41

I really, really like this idea. But what are the grubs supposed to grow into? In our world, grubs are larvae, but what are they exactly in Ethnis? I was also intrigued by what is it that they eat.   I cracked up at the last quote about humans not managing to cook them right. I'd love to know what species is saying that ;)

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