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Prompt 4: Frost Hound

A frost hound is an ally and friend who will stay by your side in the coldest times. Able to keep you warm and is willing to use all their strength to aid in doing more than their share. - A Hunter in the Frost Lands
    A frost hound is a special canine like creature that can be found in the frozen lands. These beast are commonly used by hunters to aid in traversal and tracking. They are also used to aid in transporting goods across the frozen lands. These Canines are almost the size of a horse or a mid size bear. Some may even call them tamed bears. These beast are rather protective of their owner as they considered them family.   Most hunter clans take care of a pack of frost hounds gifting a pup to young hunters to bond with. Thus allowing them to have a partner when they start their career as hunters. Those who end up losing their hound will end up losing their place in their guild.

Basic Information


They are canine like creatures that walk on four legs and are rather furry which protects them from the cold.  They are rather musclar and capable of pulling things far larger than their obvious size.

Genetics and Reproduction

They reproduce like most canines which allows them to produce small litters with each birth. This has made it possible for many who become hunters to have a hound their own, while some may end up having their own packs.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They have an increased sense of smell and hearing, allowing them to detect threats from a distance. Along with hearing the call of their owner if they need them.

Frost Hounds the Hero's of the Snow

  Frost hounds have been partners of many hunters and have aided many a traveler in the frozen lands. They have also been key to helping to save many lives when accidents happen across the frozen lands and even in the city of Salire. We remember the hero's who have the back of all who call these lands home. -Article from the Salire Times.

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