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Ochamelean Turtles

On the fire regards isles, the elven population has learned how to work in tandem with an evolved species of sea turtles. As a fairly smart animal Ochamelean Turtles are a thriving animal species, which is both naturally occuring as well as bred by the elves. Having similar charcteristics to a dog, Ochamelean Turtles bond strongly with their owner and are able to learn tricks, such as pulling boats and changing their color to suit the environment. These traits combined with unexpected underwater speed and agility make it possible for them to even navigate the difficult waters of the unlawed sea. It is common culture for any Far Regard Elves who starts to apprentice in a job related to the ocean to go pick a lifelong ochamelean companion. Rarely, especially in military families, the turtles are gifted to the elven younglings on their first birthday. Sharing a similar ageing cycle as woodelves, ochameleon turtles are companions for life. The ochamelean turtles are a distant cousin to the generic turtles. There are three subspecies: Generic Ochameleon Turtles; Gigant Ochameleon Turtles growing up to 10m diameter shells and finally Ochamdleon Tortoises, which are living on land. The keeping and breeding of ochameleon turtles is a very controversial topic within the Tortle community.

Basic Information


Four seaturtle filppers, two strong front flippers for swimming and two smaller back flippers as rudders. A large turtle shell on it's back, a turtle beak but a chameleon tongue, chameleon eyes and curling tail.

Genetics and Reproduction

Similar to turtles, ochameleon turtles lay eggs on beaches, and the gender of the baby can be influenced by the nest temperature.

Growth Rate & Stages

They are considered babies for their first year and mature around the are of 20. They are fertile until around 100, though a well cared for ochameleon turtle can live to be 200.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Omnivore, a mix of fish, shellfish, algea, insects and whatever else they can find.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Gigant Shells are used as homes and smaller ones as armour.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

360° Sight (Advantage on perception)
Conservation Status
Alive and kicking,
Average Height
Normal: 75cm Gigant: 3m
Average Weight
heavy af.
Average Length
Normal: 1.5m Gigant: 10m
Geographic Distribution


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