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Domestic Class Drones, usually refered to as D-Drones, have found thier way into virtually any household, business, officess, facillites and anywhere else where chores, menial tasks and routine maintenence needs to be done.   There are three major sub-classes of D-Drones:  
Domestic Consumer (DC) Class
Consumer oriented D-Drones are marketed towards households and for every imaginable chore there is a model ready to take care of it. The average DC-Drone is arround the size of a football and is found in nearly all middle-income and usually even low-income households.  
Lifeways KitchenBuddy
The Lifeways KitchenBuddy takes prepareing a meal from the ancient pouring, mixing and cooking to the next level! Capeable of over 2000 recipies, every dish is architecurally constructed from the ground up injecting flavor into every single fiber of your culinary delights.

Domestic Enterprise (DE) Class
Enterprise oriented D-Drones usually upsized versions of thier Consumer counterparts aimed at Busnisses to replace groundskeeping, janitorial and maintenece staff. While not limited to this subclass, the bulk of security drones is found in the enterprise segment.  
Orange Systems Watchman
The premier security drone for filling a multitude of protection duties, such as a sentry mode, fix route patrol mode and a dynamic guard mode that leans on a advanced investigation subroutine. Armored to wistand blunt impact and small arms fire, the Watchman will protect your assets as you see fit - options include a screamer alarm, non-leathal platform and small arms platform.
Lifeways Janitorbot 2126
New from Lifeways: The Janitorbot 2126 is the most versitile cleaning bot on the market! This compact tracked bot uses sophisticated sensors to analyzes the surface composition, its condition and calculates the optimal cleaning solution. Capable of vacuuming, wet/dry sweeping, mopping, polishing and shampooing floors, windows and even walls!
Domestic Industrial (DI) Class
D-Drones for the Industrial sector are by far the largest and can be as large as a small car and usually tend to huge facillites of all kinds. Aside from being larger than even DE-Drones, the main feature of the industrial varriants is thier tollerance to hazzardous situations that can arise in an industrial setting. Common features include insulation against high voltage shocks, heat & fire resistance and the like.  
Orange Systems Firefighter-T
The Firefighter-T is Orange Systems latest model in the Firefighter series. As a flame-proof tank the Firefighter-T will detect and engage fires and even potential fire completely autonomusly, capeable of defeating conventional, chemical and electrical fires. Equipped with a comprehensive sensor suite of IR-Cameras, atmospheric analyzers and facility network integration the Firefighter-T will dynamicly adapt it's strategy to maximize damage control, picking from water hoses, an internal foam-fluid tank and fire-suffocation agents according to the situation.
IndustryAssistant Pro
Cannonics' IndustryAssistant Pro can be tooled for any job with a simple and quick plug & play tool interface. It comes preloaded with an arsenal of work routines (corresponding tool kits sold seperatly), for example automechanics shop, plumbing, or electrical. Alternatively it can be fed with custom code to fill any nieche.

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