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The Lei Lola

Born changelings, the creatures of the Lei Lola were gifted with abilities to change into any lustful being any heart desired. All one need do is look upon a Lei Lola and announce it aloud, and in specific detail, to wish their desire into fruition. If the Lei Lola so allowed it, a wish came true and a desire fulfilled. An ability the Lei Lola used to their profitable advantage very well.   In their natural forms, the Lei Lola had no genetalia; no gender. All were female. All were male. All could reproduce independent of any other. Humble breast and gluteal shapes mimicking the silhouette of a slender woman's body. Smoothly tanned skin that somehow emanates a sunkissed glow from within. Midnight black hair reaching halfway down their bodies, brushing over the tops of their gluteal shape. The Lei Lola were released this beautiful at birth. Though they changed in size as they grew, the Lei Lola looked the same from birth until death; never aging, only growing or diminishing in size.   Birthing a Lei Lola is not an easy task. Because they are birthed fully formed and functioning, only in need of learning how to move their mouths and tongues so they may further learn to annunciate words and speak, the Lei Lola must survive through a growing phase while still in their birthsacks; a violent time experienced by the hatchlings of constant stretching and painful pulling to grow the limbs and hair longer, the endless kneading of limbs to ensure their denseness and pliability. A time of growth acts required to shape the Lei Lola, committed by forces from within each birthsack. The light known as their inner sun, responsible for their beautiful sunkissed glow, shines and burns through the changelings innards and skin layers, crisping and tanning them from the inside, out, melted away the inner walls of the birthsack with each formation and function achieved until they are made ready for release, their walls completely gone and melted away.   Within a few months of release the Lei Lola are of full size and ready for birthing and mating. Because of their abilities, many Lei Lola entered in to the service business of pleasuring weary travelers. Easily found littered across the Gorgeoun Region of the Kingdom of Mo Shaol, where races of all kinds are known to visit in search of an other, these beautiful creatures sell fantasies, themselves, and more for the right price. In both their natural and created states, the Lei Lola are amongst the richest and most beautiful creatures in all the lands.

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