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The "Sewer Rats"

An ironic name, given to them for the role they play in Olron's day to day running, these cats are Olron's first defence against the rat infestation that has so heavily plagued other settlements. They prevent the spread of any pestilence or contagion by removing the vector from the equation. The sewers beneath Olron are extensive, some would even say labyrinthian in nature, making it nigh impossible to navigate unaided. For these cunning felines, however, they are nothing but a playground of sorts, a winding network vast tunnels, some small some large, but all overlapping and intertwining to form an unrecognisable network. Not only do they hunt down not only do they hunt down these rodent infestations, they also appear to trade their catch for other items they find interesting. This has proven vital to the survival of those living in the squalor of the slums inside the capital. The meat feeds the impoverished behind trinkets of your, feathers and other strange tokens. This has led to unique trade systems providing some measure of prosperity for the slums. If an adventurer were to wonder into one of the slums and visit one of the poor taverns that lying these narrow streets and alleyways, they are likely to be served some form of stew, usually with a form of unidentified meat. Some have speculated that these cats are not in fact cats at all, but are Druids in their wild shaped forums. Others say they are the familiars of several executed witches, who disagreed with their mistresses schemes and revolted, seeking to aid the victims of their evil plots. There have even been legend suggesting they are benevolent spirits from a time long before the erection of the majestic city of Olron. Whatever their origin they are welcomed by all in the lower words of the free city.


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