Librarial goats

The following folder contains a series of documents from Fyki Spirits and the Merinian Household  
You know, I don't recall ever feeling closer to something than I was to Lemon. It was my first goat, joined me when I was 15. It helped through the entire beginning of my career! I was always impressed at how much it would understand whatever I'd say, however I'd feel, and act accordingly. I don't think I've often seen people with as much empathy as a librarial goat has. I don't think I have as much empathy as it had.   Lemon left me a bit after I reached 40. At 60, I still look for a way to reproduce that bond.
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Librarial explorers: Myths, Truths, and Uniforms
Item | Jun 4, 2021

A Merinian Household special edition

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Answers to our readers: more on the goats?!

  Dear readers,   Last doze's Special issue on the topic of Librarial outfits outfits got a particular attention. Many of you asked us for more details regarding the outfit's fabrication, the librarians' methods, and the explorer corp's structure. Sadly, though we did our best to obtain answers, our informers were very clear in that they didn't want to provide that much information yet.   However, we here at the Merinian Household do our best to please our beloved readers, and while we couldn't obtain information on the outfits, were allowed to provide some on the next best thing: these goats that walk along with explorers at all times. Yes, people asked about them.   First of all, the shape of he goats. For work animals, librarial caprines are rather small: their shoulder's height is a bit smaller than the average merinian's waist.   As a result, one can guess that the goats are not used for mass transport or to pull carriages. Which is, well, unsurprising! Outside explorers from the Library behave more like Naturals than like sedentaries moving around. They carry little, and fair well on their own. In fact, the two things librarial explorers actually need to transport are enchanted items and books or other forms of information storage. WHile such can accumulate a bit during an expedition, they can typically be carried by a single goat and a librarian's backpack.   Although it has been mentioned in the article, some asked about the nature of the relationship between a librarian and their animal. Because of the goats' long lifespan, and because it spends its whole life working for a single librarian, the bond they form is a particularly strong one. It is not rare for the two to start understanding each other well enough without a lot of words, and for the goat to become a major emotionnal support for the librarian during difficult times. Some would even argue that part of a librarian's soul tends to inhabit their goat's mind after a while, as much as the goat's soul carves itself a room in its master's heart.   [...]

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