A hippocamp is an aquatic creature with the head and upper-body of a horse and the tail of a fish. They are only found in saltwater. The hippocamp can travel over or under water at great speeds.   Herds of hippocampi live in the Tanthean Sea on the southern side of the island of Nemel. The seafaring knights from the Order of the Waves have learned to tame and ride them.

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

Hippocampi generally pair for life, but will take another mate if one of them dies. Mated pairs are often seen holding tails.   Breeding Males will entice their mate through complicated maneuvers that are reminiscent of dancing. Once aroused the female will join her partner in the dance. The mating dance will eventually culminate in the intertwining of their tails and the embracing of their pectoral leg fins as they spiral up transferring the female's eggs to the male's egg pouch.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Hippocampi graze on kelp and other seaweed in the Tanthean Sea.

Additional Information


The Nemeli knights of the Order of the Waves have learned to tame hippocampi much like horses. Late stage pregnant males are kept in the nursery outside Portalder, and the young froals are raised there in safety.   Working hippocampi wear special tack made from Kraken Ink Leather and nickle. Along with guiding boats to moorage, Knights Kraken also patrol the harbor areas on hippocampback.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

A hippocamp will usually be gifted with the Water Magic affinity of Elemental Magic and sometimes Air Magic. They use their Gifts to augment their speed and also for attacks- usually a water pulse, but sometimes ice as well (if they have the Air Gift).
25-30 years
Average Weight
850-1200 lbs
Geographic Distribution
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