A large, northern island populated by the Nemeli people and controlled by the Nemeli Government.   The island is rocky, hardy terrain. It is separated from the main continent to the south by the Tanthean Sea . The southern beaches are rocky, but there are some sand beaches on the east and west coasts. The northern most mountains of the island are covered in snow year round.   The capital, Ballycay, is an inland city centered around the motte and bailly castle where the Sovereign resides. There are three port cities, the largest, Portalder is just south of Ballycay and takes its name from the Alder trees that grow nearby. Tyre is to the east and stands sentinel at the mouth of the Strait of Kint, while tywodis further west where the Tanthean Sea begins to flow through Estrechod Angos the western ocean.   Additional sentient beings inhabiting the island: Dragon, Yukionna, Jotunn, varieties of Nymph, Sprites.   Other interesting fauna: Hippocamp
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