Order of the Waves

The Knights of the Waves, or Knights Kraken as they are colloquially known, guard the seas. They are in charge of keeping the island safe from outsiders- which also means that they have to interact with the outside world to procure supplies needed off island.   The Knights Kraken wear special armor known as Ocean Armor made of Kraken Ink Leather. They are easily identified by the distinctive dark blue, black color marked by lighter concentric circles.   The Order is also known for taming and riding Hippocamp   


  • Layrd Commander: oversees order; titled "Layrd"
  • Layrd Shipbuilder (Wright Knight): oversees shipbuilding, sailing schedules, and import/export; titled "Layrd"
  • Commander: various leadership roles; titled "Commander"
  • Knight: titled "Sir" (unisex)


Name Class Commissioned Homeport
SSW Dragon Warship 234 Portalder
SSW Unicorn Warship 257 Portalder
SSW Dolphin Frigate 228 Portalder
SSW Anemone Frigate 205 Tywod
SSW Narwhal Frigate 219 Warchod
SSW Tsurara Carrack 243 Portalder
SSW Swift Scout 264 Portalder
SSW Vigilance Scout 212 Tywod
SSW Valor Scout 245 Warchod

Not By Sea

Military, Knightly Order
Alternative Names
Knights Kraken
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