Ocean Armor

The seafaring Knights of the Order of the Waves, colloquially known as the Knights Kraken, from the island nation of Nemel wear this specially crafted armor.   As the purpose of their Order is to protect Nemel from any threats by sea, unlike their compatriots from the other orders, far from being a protection, metal armor could be a death sentence. By utilizing Water Magic and ink from the cephalopod variety of Kraken, they are able to craft leather armor that is nearly as strong as metal with the added benefit of being more flexible and much lighter. The armor weight has no variance from any other comparable leather out of the water, however when in water it is nearly weightless while still retaining all of its protective qualities.   Ocean armor is difficult to come by, even for the members of the Order who hold the secrets to tanning the required Kraken Ink Leather. The necessary ink can only be obtained from cephalopod Krakens, and these sea monsters of any variety are rare in the waters of Ereza. The only reliable way to have a shot at obtaining the ink is by summoning one from the Elemental Water Plane- this requires not only someone Gifted with the Spatial Magic affinity of Planar Magic and adept in its uses, but also the brute force to "convince" the unwilling beast to part with its ichor.   Fortunately, when cared for properly, Ocean Armor will last for generations. Due to this, the Order of the Waves is much more lineage driven than the other chivalric orders. However, as leather cannot be re-forged, like its metal counterpart, to fit a new body type, especially when passing from mother to son or father to daughter, the design was altered several times in the past until it could be remade, and repaired, without losing integrity. Since that time, about 500 years past, it has remained relatively unchanged.   The armor is comprised of a solid upper chest piece, from the neckline to about two inches below the clavicle, in the front above overlapping scales that cover to the hip; in the back, the solid piece covers down to the shoulder blades before transitioning to scale. The two pieces of the cuirass buckle at the shoulders. Two layers of Tochtapas, strip-like defenses guarding the thighs, are belted on beneath the cuirass. Segmented spaulders attach to the cuirass covering the shoulder buckles; they are often left in the rack unless an inspection or battle is expected. The pulse of Water Magic during the tanning process leaves the dark blue, black leather covered with lighter concentric circles. Armor scales are often cut and attached in such a way as to use the naturally occurring circles to form patterns and designs. As such, the leather is generally adorned with little else but the bronze fittings, buckles, and rivets required for crafting. However, some families keep track of successful Kraken kills by marking one, or more if necessary, of the tochtapi. When the armor is resized any scales or tochtapi that are not needed will be stored and cared for by the Order's caretakers.   Ocean armor is typically worn over tunics made of Ranie. In colder weather woolen pants are added; the pants are fashioned with a string pull so that they can be easily shed if the wearer ends up "in the drink". At home, for dress occasions, knights usually keep a pair of leather shoes dyed to match, but on deck, wear common leather up to the ankles. Climbing the rigging and the continuous exposure to wet decks wear through shoes too quickly to make them worth the ink.  


Knights Kraken shed blood for the ability to craft their armor; many of them wear suits that have been in their families for generations. Masquerading in faux Ocean Armor will likely result in the death of the offender.
Item type
Clothing / Accessory
Current Location
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
Ocean Armor is the coveted uniform of the Knights Kraken, but outside of the Order of the Waves, it is extremely rare.
~15lbs dry, ~2lbs wet
Base Price
Priceless. This armor can not be purchased; it can only be bestowed by the Order of the Waves or inherited.
Raw materials & Components
Mage-Tanned leather, known as Kraken Ink Leather, is the main component of the armor; it is fashioned with sinew and bronze fittings.

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