Elemental Water Plane

A world of water.   This world is heated from the center by a molten core; the "deeper" one travels, the hotter the water becomes. The water cools as it moves further and further from the floor until it eventually freezes completely. Some mountains are so high that their summits can not be reached due to the peaks being embedded in the ice.   The gradient temperatures have caused the world to be divided into strata, inhabited by creatures best suited to each temperature.   There are many forms of aquatic life inhabiting this world; most are alien to Ereza, but there are several, such as squids and seahorses, and even some Kraken that can be found in our waters. It has been speculated that their ancestors laid eggs during their time summoned to this plane; although summoned beings cannot remain in Ereza without a continuous flow of magic from the summoner, the same would not be true for creatures born here.   Plant life synthesizes thermal energy into the chemical energy they require to survive.  

Fauna & Flora

Kraken, Undine, various species of sea life.
Dimensional plane
Inhabiting Species

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