Any number of the gigantic, monstrous sea creatures that roam the depths of the Elemental Water Plane. They can also be found in the open oceans of Ereza due to summoned Undine laying eggs while on this plane*.   The cephalopod variety produce the ink required by the Order of the Waves to create Kraken Ink Leather for their armor.   Krakens to not enjoy being summoned from the Water Plane, and they will do everything within their power to get back as swiftly as possible. While Krakens have not shown themselves to be fully sentient, they are able to sense, in a rudimentary way, their link with the summoner (Spatial Magic affinity of Planar Magic).         (*It is unknown to the world at large that Undine and Kraken are the female and male of the same species. Even the Undine don't know for sure due to the nature of their reproduction.)
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