Water Magic

The Water Affinity of Elemental Magic allows the caster to manipulate water. A skilled user can pull the water that is within other elements. Water walking is a talent studied in Nemel.   Combinations:
  • Water + Air = Ice
  • Water + Earth = Mud
  • Water + Fire = Mist
Combinations can also be formed externally (unison raid), but it is extremely difficult and requires a lot of practice- and trust.     Water Magic is integral to several Mage-Crafts, such as tanning Kraken Ink Leather and Mage-Forging. With enough skill and practice a caster could forge with just the Gifts alone (Water + Earth + Fire). It would be much more exhausting than doing so by conventional means, and take much longer, but it allows for more flexibility with special imbuements- an example of this would be “Cor”, a javelin inherited by Cadmus of Nemel that has water and blood forged within it allowing the Water Magic users of their line to alter its trajectory mid-flight and to call it back.
Metaphysical, Arcane

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