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Twin-Yellow Crab

The Twin-Yellow Crab is a large crab that gets its name from the two yellow lines on its dark grey shield. It lives deep down in cave systems is used by dwarfs as working animals.   It is used as a working animal by the dwarfs to drag heavy stuff in the mines. To control the crabs electricity is used. The crabs seem to react good to low currents of electricity. It is believed to have they naturally show affection for each other.   A Twin-Yellow Crab could live up to 120 years but due to the many dangers of nature and wounds gotten over the course of their life they seldom reach an age above 80.   While the meat of the crab is eatable, and tastes just okay, it costs more than it is worth. Old crabs that are retired from work have quite dry and boring meat making them even less interesting as a primary protein in a meal. But due to the cost of the meat it has become a sign of luxury of eating, just for the sake of showing off. it is used in the Gold-Line soup, which has a lot of other luxury spices to get the fine taste. A cheaper version of the soup, commonly called the called Bronze-Line soup, uses similar but cheaper spices and meat of the retired Yellow-Lined crabs. It is eaten by some of the common folk when wanting to have something luxury to serve. This version generally uses other types of crab meat too, to make it taste better.

Basic Information


The Twin-Yellow Crab can get almost up to 2 meters long and 600 kg in weight. It has a wide flat dark grey back shield with two yellow lines, running from the back all the way to its front. Its legs are thick and and of medium length (compared to its size). Its two claws are small compared to its size, as the muscles they have is enough pierce through almost any shell.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The crab mainly lives of smaller crustaceans, snails and fungi. It is not quickest of animals but as its common prey is slower than itself it is no big problem for it.   While hunting its largest problem is it's size. If a prey sees notices it to early, or slips from its grasp, the prey might flee into an opening to small for the Twin-Yellow Crab to follow. To counter that problem it generally lies till in wait for its prey away from small openings.   One problems that the predecessors to the Twin-Yellow Crab met was prey with advanced self defense, such as snails with poisonous clouds or some of the smaller crabs which have learned to target the eyes of large hunters. The Twin-Yellow Crab have evolved into having some innate magic to counter this. When grasping something the crab can send a strong electric current through its claw, temporarily paralyzing the enemy. The crushing grasp in combination with the paralyzation is most time enough to kill of the prey before it has time to resist.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The crab has two big eyes that give it an exceptional daskvision. In bright light its vision is diminished and it only sees blurry shapes 10 or more feet away from it.

Summer Camp 2021
Scientific Name
Gemilineae flavus (Twin-lined yellow)
70 years
Average Weight
125-350 kg
Average Length
0.9-1.7 meters
Related Ethnicities

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