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But the fair keha at her shoulder gave a prick, and by that, blind Nasuru knew the left path would prove false. So she turned, and thwarted the foul spirits at her back.
— Weinadi fairy tale
  Erevets are a particular subspecies of cat (or keha) that are used by Weinadi all over the world. Their fluffy gray and white fur allows them to blend in very well with Weinadi characteristics. They're a common pet.    

Guide animals

  The main purpose of the Erevets are as guide animals, for those visually impaired, and also for those who spend their time in the dark depths of the world.   The Erevets are trained to sit upon the Weinadi's shoulders, or in a special sling at their side. The Weinadi's own senses of touch will allow them to usually climb around by feel. The Erevet are used for their extraordinary eyesight, useful on the surface in the storms, and in the deep darkness of the lowest chasms.   When the Weinadi approaches some hazard, the Erevets are trained to dig in their claws slightly. The animals that have been particularly well trained, or been with a particular owner for a long time, will be able to designate further information by where they position themselves, or what part of the Weinadi they jab. In some circumstances, they are even trained to yowl and cry to indicate bad air or other more serious dangers.

Basic Information

Growth Rate & Stages

Fully grown, they are about the size of a leopard, which makes them easy to hold in a Weinadi-sized hand.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

Intelligence, but not sapient. The initial training process was somewhat difficult, but eventually the Weinadi worked out methods to persuade the animals to work with them. Erevets can still prove to be rather stubborn, and not all of them are capable of being guide animals.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Erevets have very precise vision, and excellent night vision. Moreover, their eyes are able to transition between light and dark very quickly, and without damage or strain. It is suspected that their senses of smell and taste are also pronounced, but their vision is the most noteworthy.
15 years
Conservation Status
Very common. There are a large number of wild Erevets, and some who are domesticated but not used as guide animals, and then the ones that are trained.


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