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Velociraptor (vɪˈlɒsɪræptər)

Velociraptor is a genus of dromaeosaurid theropod dinosaur that lived approximately 75 to 71 million years ago during the latter part of the Cretaceous Period. Two species are currently recognized, although others have been assigned in the past. The type species is V. mongoliensis; fossils of this species have been discovered in Mongolia. A second species, V. osmolskae, was named in 2008 for skull material from Inner Mongolia, China.   They are famous for their depiction in pop culture. Thought in general the size of the velociraptors is often overstated in these depictions. The velociraptor has become newly the focus of public attention due to the bio-tech company Inqaba Biotech. A team of researches managed to clone the velociraptor from DNA samples found, preserved throughout the millions of years. All the clones are not viable and die within a short amount of time after reaching adulthood. However, this discovery has lead to many new insights in dionasaur biology and physiology.   With the reveal of the supernatural world one of the researchers had an idea. They wanted to try to re-animate the diseased clones with the help of necromancy. The researchers managed to convince managament of the commercial merits of this endevour and hired a powerful necromancer.  

Cloning & Zombiefication

The creation of zombie velociraptor clones is involved. Each clone is created in a petridish. Once created the clone has to be grown for about 8 - 12 months. The duration depends on the viability of the clone. Once the velociraptor perishes the necromancer re-animates the corpses using a complex binding ritual. This ritual infuses the corpses with mystical energies and allows them to move about. Each velociraptor zombie is then bound to a command charm. The holder of that charm can then use verbal commands to instruct the raport on how to act.   The raptors are very simple and can only follow simple command structures and then repeat these until commaned otherwise. Once released the velociraptor zombie slowly deterorates until it falls appart.

Commercial Trade & Use

Trade with cloned velociraptor zombies has found quite the financial success. These velociraptors are used for a number of use cases:  
  • Amusement Parks: Used in scary houses and similar attractions to really scare the visitors.
  • Movies & TV Shows: A number of movies and TV shows have been produced which use actual velociraptor zombies.
  • Security: The velociraptors are easy to programm and are sometimes used as strong guard dogs on properties.
  • Research: Various institutions use these for reasearch purposes and as test dummies.
Average Height
0.5 m
Average Weight
15 - 19 kg
Average Length
2 m

Cover image: Book of Magic by TJ Trewin


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