Wisterah Ram

One of the largest species of Ram in the world comes from the freezing cold north. Used by many as both working animals and sometimes as heavy cavalry, these rams rival some Warethon species in strength. They are known throughout the northern kingdoms for their incredible power. And the Dominion makes a lot of use of these.    


These massive goats are as strong as an ox, making them ideal for hard jobs like plowing land or turning mills. They are often used in small farmsteads and villages. In larger cities, they are often used as mounts for heavy cavalry. Armored, with lancers riding them, they can do a lot of damage to infantry. Especially if that infantry isn't prepared for it. A company of trained green knights will be able to make a good stand against them, but anything less will probably get ridden down. They are quite hard to steer though, so although they can ride down armored men at arms, they will not be able to quickly avert to something else if it turns out not to be a good idea. This is why following up your shock cavalry with regular melee cavalry is quite important here. If not, the shock cavalry might be stuck in enemy lines, not having enough space to pull out. Following up a shock charge with something that can give the room needed, is vital to keeping your ram-riders alive. Training men or mal to ride a Wisterah ram is a long and hard process. The rams are stubborn and hard to train. They also eat quite a lot, and so it is quite an investment to train this cavalry. That's why keeping it alive is so important.

Cover image: by Pimenefusarund


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