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The Great Serpents of Iron

Magical and intelligent snakes that burst forth from The shattered corpse of The Slithering, A once mighty god beast slain during Fathnornacht. While its name has been erased from history by Heathen law, It's children persist and live on. Nathairs are praised and respected even among many druid groves despite their godling origins. They are brilliant creature of cunning intellect, empathy and strength. Becoming a foundational element of Vierdian culture despite all odds. These snakes are revered as stalwart companions loyal to the bonded partners to the very end.   Great linages of Nathairs are recorded for posterity and pedigree some dating all the way back to the High Kings who were believed to be the first to openly accept the strange serpents within their courts. These legendary figures actions would set a cultural flagstone for Vierdian life even hundreds of years later. Most the Isles art work displays Nathair motifs throughout. Great serpents coiling around spears, among knot work and heraldry.   These Majestic Animal have earned there place at the tables of kings and servants alike. Besides their deep intellect and everlasting loyalty, Nathairs are deadly guardians on the battle field. The bards sing of their unearning faith even in the face of death, of their partners falling in battle and them fighting top their companion with furious displays of rage and grief, before lying down besides their friend and await death themselves.

Basic Information


Nathairs are serpents of extraordinary proportions and deadly speed. But there most defining features are their glittering metallic scales. Lighter then iron but easily equal in strength. These scale come in a variety of hues ranging from steel grey to obsidian black and each patterned in an utterly unique way.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

While prized companions, the scales of The Nathair are nearly as sought after as the serpents themselves. Shedding every 10 years they craft into some of the finest armor of this age.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Found through out the Isles, from Strigg To Tol Vierda.

Average Intelligence

Exceedingly intelligent and empathetic, but lack the ability to form words or have a spoken language.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

These divine children have inherited more then resilient scales and extraordinary agility, Nathair are gifted with a sight beyond the sublime, they are fabled to gaze into the lands of the forever young, the realm of the Fae and the unseen.
  She was fury incarnate... a slithering being of wraith, of steel, of sorrow, none would stand in her way be it man or beast between her and her king.
-The final Stand of Lithra
100 years
Average Weight
500 pounds
Average Length
30 feet


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