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by Charat
My piggicorn was the first crittermorph I ever received. I was only eight at the time; Mom and Pops had found me a week earlier and took me into their home. I still wasn’t sure about the whole “living under parental supervision” life. Then they gave me my piggicorn and I was in love. He kept me safe when I returned to my wandering ways. It wasn’t long before I started adopting more into my little clan. There are some folk who are really against crittermorph tournaments, but every crittermorph I adopted loves to battle on behalf of their owners — so long as they’re treated kindly, that is. And the training helps them prepare for actual fights against monsters. You don’t want to stumble across an owl bear with a crittermorph whose never faced off against another creature before.
The original crittermorphs were grafted together by alchemists. The hooty tooty rich families would buy the designer pets as a status symbol. In their weakened form, crittermorphs are always cute and cuddly. Wealthy families used them as both entertainment and protection for their children. Although crittermorphs spend most of their time in their primary form, they are able to morph into a stronger state for shortened period of times. In this form, they are strong, fast, big, and versatile. They go from cute to magnificent.   Kids like me have crittermorphs for when we start our adventuring ways. They can come with us on the journey and keep us safe. Back before I was around, kids got smart. They knew their crittermorphs needed training against wild creatures and monsters. And they knew they needed money to help fund their adventuring. These kids started battling with their crittermorphs; winners would take home the money.   Over time, this morphed into fighting arenas throughout Westerly Union. As well as Crittermorph Trainers Leagues, both amateur and professional. Here, folk are able to bet on crittermorphs fighting in either their primary or amplified form. Crittermorph trainers are able to win money, prizes, or even additional crittermorphs. Contrary to popular belief, a crittermorph trainer NEVER gives up their crittermorph after losing a battle. And we NEVER trade them with other people. A commitment to a crittermorph is a commitment for life.  
Crittermorphs form an intense emotional bond with their owners. When an owner gives away a crittermorph, the crittermorph falls into a deep state of depression. If not treated promptly, the crittermorph may even die. And even if they get through this state, they will never latch onto another owner again. A crittermorph’s loyalty is the truest kind there is . . . far more than any folk. If you take good care of them, crittermorphs will follow you into battle without a second thought. And as you spend more time with them, they will begin to take on or compliment your own personality.
  Subspecies of crittermorphs are able to breed with each other, so there are always new types of crittermorphs to be found. Unfortunately, it is common for some experimental crittermorph breeders to toss so-called “unsuccessful” crittermorphs into the wild to fend for itself. Although these crittermorphs may seem cute and cuddly, it is better to only try to catch one after you’ve become an experienced trainer. They can be a bit difficult. First time crittermorph owners should go to a reputable breeder to find a crittermorph they can connect with.
by John3
Caring for Crittermorphs
Crittermorphs need to eat and sleep just like most Folks. It is important to create a regular feeding routine for them. Additionally, if you plan on traveling with crittermorphs, make sure you have the means to take care of them. It is your responsibility! If you are low on food, feed your crittermorphs first.   Crittermorphs can walk alongside you on your adventures. However, some crittermorphs may be unsuited for various environments. Additionally, in their primary forms they can rarely continue at the pace which adventurers travel. The little trunk of holdings were made for just this occasion. About the size of matchbooks, they easily clip onto a belt. One must only slide it open to release the crittermorph. These little trunks are enchanted to only be utilized by the crittermorph’s owners. However, be careful not to lose them as some unscrupulous characters can destroy the little trunks, which traps the creatures in their miniature environments. If you think somebody will try to steal your little trunks of holding, immediately release your crittermorphs so they have a chance at escape.   Finally, understand that a crittermorph can only transformed into their amplified state for a short period of time. Doing so can put them in exhausted state; doing it too many times in a day or week can put undue stress on their bodies. It should only be used in appropriate emergencies. Although weaker, crittermorphs in their primary state still have extreme usefulness. They may be able to track, scout, or even cause a distraction during battles. Whether cute or marvelous, crittermorphs make an excellent addition to your family!
Genetic Descendants

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Jul 5, 2021 15:17 by A

So, would I dare to call this your own version of a Pokemon? Well, I for one say that this article is cute and well written! I like the personal touch in the second paragraph but it also made me wonder if this is an article from one person's perspective or a traditional "overall" article. This pet seems like they are also something I would want to have around if dangerous creatures come out and attack you! Also, in the quote at the beginning, who says it? A child that has just been adopted and left their parents later? It is a bit unclear but will probably be clarified in the future.

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Let’s just say pet monsters to avoid all copyright entanglements. ;) I’m glad you liked the article. It’s written from the prospective of Felix Flutterblink. Master crittermorph trainer, adopted tiefling son, and author of most beastie chapters in the Heroric Adventurer’s Guide. I need to go back through my css because right now it isn’t including the author attributes when I post. Right now the crittermorphs only have two stages, but as I’m home brewing a crittermorph trainer class, I think I’m going to add a third level that can only be accessed somewhere between level 17 and 20.

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This is adorable. Where can I sign up to get my own crittermorphs? I wantz all of them!

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Thanks! I’m glad you liked it.

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