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Kalruuthian Cat

There is no cat like a Kalruuthian Cat. They are the quickest, quietest and cutest cat of them all. Hence I have 7!
— A proud Kalruuthian Cat carer.
  Deep within the Ancient Dwarven Tunnels of Duun'Kalruuth are many furry felines who hunt on rats, insects and other pesty critters. The Kalruuthian Cat, or Kal-Cat, is the domestic cat of the Kalruuth Mountains, however they are mostly wild. The folks there are proud of their regional pet, boasting their ability on keeping all Kalruuthians safe from the countless of bug and rodents which creep the underground.  


Weight: 12-16 lb
Height: 2 ft
Length: 40-70 cm (~15-~28 in)
Tail Length: 20-30 cm (~8-~12 in)
Lifespan: approx. 20 years
The one thing visitors notice about these creatures is their size. When fully grown they're roughly the same size as a tiger cub. Their fur is long and dense, and the colours can vary from many shades of brown, grey and black; and very rarely ginger or white.
  Kalruuthian Cats have large paws with long curlled claws, which they utilise to dig. These cats have the innate ability of being able to track any creepy crawlies. Unlike other kinds of felines, these cats can dig into the dirt to catch their prey.  

Mountain Cats

Nibbles is not anything like a mere hound! How dare you even think such heresy. Get out!
— Another proud carer of a Kalruuthian Cat
Kalruuthian Cats are also referred to as being Mountain Cats, as they love climbing the clifftops and rocks either to find food or a perch to lay on. It is rare to find Kalruuthian Cats in the lower regions of Brostia; though if there are any domesticated Kal-Cats in those parts, expect to see them sit on the rooves of many buildings or curled up on a tree branch.   Due to their wild nature, exploration is when they are the happiest. Wild Kal-Cats stay in Clowders and are often in the same family. When clowders meet there is often a time of caution as each try to introduce each other. Though this is a tense time as hostilities can occur. However, often it only takes one of each clowder to get along for the entire groups to become friendly. Eventually, these clowders part ways, with couples forming their own family clowder.  


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Around the Kalruuth Mountains, the cats are mostly wild, however, since the creation of the Dwarven Tunnels and many mountainhomes, Clowders of Kal-Cats have been drawn to these places for warmth, security and food.   Kalruuthians were quick to learn these furry creatures would have an integral part in the preservation of their foodstores. Kal-Cats thrive on the rodents and insects which civilisation within the mountains can attract. These civilisations can also thrive on this too, as infestations are reduced if one has a Kal-Cat, or a clowder of them, nearby.   Therefore efforts were, and are, made by many Kalruuthian to bring a Kal-Cat into their homes; which many have been successful in doing so.

Carers not Owners

Any Kalruuthian will be quick to let anyone know, nobody owns a Kalruuthian cat as they are merely a carer for these creatures. There are countless of wild Kal-Cats in the Kalruuth Mountains and there are many who roam outside of this area, thanks to their natural urge for adventure.  

Curious Cats

All cats can be curious, however Kalruuthian Cats are mostly renowned for their interest in exploring. These little adventurers are able to wonder away from their homes for days, or even weeks. Those who are familiar with these cats would understand their need for roaming the lands, though this can be distressing for most folks. However, a Kal-Cat is loyal and they remember their home; an inspiration to many Kalruuthian's pride.  
Marble? Where are you? Have you seen her? I've lost my Marble!
— A sad Kalruuthian Cat carer.
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Kalruuthians are a proud society who live within the Kalruuth Mountains, in the mountainhome of Duun'Kalruuth. In the centre of the mountainhome is Kalruuth's Heart and it is the core of every Kalruuthian.   Read more about Kalruuthians, here.

The Tale of Tails

This is a famous book written by a Kalruuthian author, Helga Stoneheart. It is a fictional story about the adventures of a lost Kalruuthian Cat, who explores the mainland of Atharia to find her way home to the Kalruuth Mountains. The story is a popular tale which is shared across the entire world.


The mountainhome of Kalruuthians, an ancient Dwarvenkind settlement within the Kalruuth Mountains. It is the only mountainhome which is fully submerged in a mountain.

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