There are many horse breeds across Estya, some with their own special traits that Estyans have discovered how to utilize. Every horse is different, but all horses in Estya are loyal to their companions, once that loyalty has been earned.  

Shadow Mare

The shadow mare is a type of horse used by the Shadi Order as a means of quickly traversing some of Estya's most rugged terrain. Shadow Mares are best known for their ability to shapeshift and camouflague themselves as other, more ordinary creatures found across Estya. Their loyalty and bravery also allows for them to be taken to the more treacherous domains of the world.   Shadow mares can be quickly identified by the slight grey, magical shimmer that accompanies their manes and tails when shapeshifted. Their true form however, is all-black and in the dark, is nearly invisible.  

Scarlet Stallion

The scarlet stallion is one of the few creatures that makes its home in Hell's Breach, it's hooves having adapted to the hard, scorching hot obdisian that makes up the rocky ground surrounding the ravine, and is often used to quickly travel between halves of the ravine and the plates of the city.   This stallion is best identified by its smoky black coat with molten red mane that almost appears to curl like wildfire when at a gallop.  

Dancing Draft

A small, but strong draft horse, the Dancing Draft is best identified by its irridescent mane and tail and pure white hide. Found in the northern glaciers of Estya, the Dancing Draft is named for its peacock-like flair when mating in the wild. The denizens of Disciple's Drop commonly use the horses' snowshoe-like hooves to move easily through the snow and ice or pull heavy loads across sleds.  

Desert Reaper

A sandy golden horse, the desert reaper is best known for its nightmarish spurs on the base of its hooves that allow it to stick steadfast into the shifting sands. Each spur is a few inches in length, and being kicked by this horse can very quickly become deadly as the spur easily pierces through flesh and bone.   The Reaper is native to the Silver Sands and other deserts of Estya, however those that evolved within the sacred desert have also developed a color-changing coat that will shift from gold to silver just as the sands do, making them and their riders much harder to spot tearing across the desert, regardless of the time of day.


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