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The saurvis is a strange and unique beast of burden that originates from the festering Basin. It is a multi-purpose beast and no two specimens look exactly the same, but they can all be identified by the large green eye in the middle of their forehead above their two regular eyes.   In appearance, the saurvis resembles a dog with the hooves and size of a horse. From their, they can develop any and all sorts of mutations, from something as simple as enlarged legs to developments as strange as wings and tentacles. It is known, at least, that when two saurvis breed their offspring tends to inherit most of the mutations from their parents, but their inherent chaotic nature makes this far from a science.   Within The Aspaxian Empire, saurvis are a popular steed for any who want to flaunt their wealth or make use of the unique properties of the beast. Many a noble owns a stable for breeding, often housed in far off Asmyae to keep the uglier members of the species far out of the view of the eyes. A proper noble saurvis marries both form and function in an impressive display.   A saurvis' price is equivalent to its pedigree. There are many famous lines of saurvis, determined by their performance in officially held annual races in the capital of The Aspaxian Empire. Saurvis races are a sight to behold, with complex obstacle courses being navigated expertly by riders making best use of their creatures' features. Each year, newer and stranger breeds attend the races, and no ride is afraid of using a little bit of magic to ensure they have an edge.   Saurvis don't only serve as recreational beasts; however, their powerful stature and many versatile mutations ensure they are also used for their most intuitive purpose: to carry supplies - and travellers. There is even a brigade of knights who bond with a saurvis when it is born, and train it into a perfect steed. The magic pact between these knights applies new mutations to the saurvis to merge their fighting styles.

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