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Lansburg Shepherd

I absolutely love my lannie. I feel so much safer with him.
Nomas citizen of Salaris
  The Lansburg Shepherd is a working dog that has become extremely popular throughout Imbria. An intelligent animal, the Lansburg Shepherd is loyal and easily trainable. Its muscular, athletic build makes it suitable for wide range of uses.   Its loyalty, obedience, trainability, and ferocity when needed contributed to its quick rise to popularity.  

Cultural Reception

This is a common dog breed throughout all nations of Imbria. While originating on farmland, it has since been put to use in a wide variety of roles.   The lannie has adapted well to being a house pet. They are loyal and highly protective of their owners, children, and other household pets, if properly introduced. Their high energy makes them the perfect companion animal for families with children or for active individuals.  
However, problematic behavior will occur if the dog does not receive ample training, exercise, and attention. A bored, understimulated lannie can become destructive, aggressive, and uncooperative. Poor owners can ultimately instill viciousness into this large dog, either intentionally or unwittingly.
Those beasts scare me, and they're damn near everywhere! Even in the city, you'll see people treating them like one of their kids.
— Citizen of Torverath

A Working Dog

The Lansburg Shepherd is a very versatile breed that is used for everything from farming to police and military operations, search and rescue, and even as companion animals. It has also successfully adapted to working around magic users.  


Loyalty, fierceness, and protectiveness lend to this dog's excellence in protection duties. This includes:
  • Livestock on farms
  • Personal protection in homes
  • Watchdog / guard dog duties
  • Military & police patrols


An excellent sense of smell coupled with its eagerness to please have allowed it to be useful in a wide arrange of tasks from:
  • Search and rescue
  • Drug sniffing
  • Cadaver finding
  • Hunting

Support Jobs

Intelligence and trainability also make this breed a contender for support and companion assistance roles.
  • Seeing-eye or guide dogs
  • Mobility assistance - performing tasks
  • Therapy or emotional support
  • Alert dog for medical conditions, like seizures

Other Uses

The amazing attributes of this popular breed sometime are put to more nefarious work. This is also a popular breed amongst poachers and harvesters, collectors of rare and sometimes illegal potion ingredients.   It is commonly used in tracking magimandi for the underground sale of magimandus scales, the sale of which is being driven by the ever-growing magic addiction epidemic.   While the Lansburg Shepherd cannot typically defeat a magimandus, cannot penetrate its scales, it is fierce enough to try, and obedient enough to heel when commanded.
Alternate Name
Working dog
Scientific Name
Canis lupus familiaris
Canis lupus
12 years
Conservation Status
Not Threatened
Average Weight
Females: 50 - 70 lbs
Males: 60 - 80 lbs
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Black, black & red, black & tan, red
Geographic Distribution
Social Structure
Pack animal


The Lansburg Shepherd is thought to have originated from Lansburgh, hence the name. It was bred to be a guard dog, for herding and protecting sheep, and for other general work around a farm.  
Settlement | Jul 27, 2020

A small farming community in Salaris that was destroyed during the 340s Drought

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