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It's a simple life out here, but there's space to think, to breathe, and to run.
— Farmer near Lansburgh
  Lansburgh is a small farming community outside of Ashalia in Salaris. Surrounded by sprawling fields, a single road connects the village to the larger town of Ashalia.   Despite the village's small size, it accounts for a large portion of the wheat, barley, and other grains produced and packaged in Salaris, which is sold in Ashalia to distributors.


Lansburgh, like many of the small towns and farming communities, is comprised solely of nomas. Should one of the inhabitants wish to hire the services of a magic-user, they would have to travel to Ashalia or to one of the larger cities to find one.   Despite comprising the largest portion of the population, nomas communities often suffer for lack of funding, lack of infrastructure, lack of access to teleportation stations, and lack of representation in government. One politician, nomas activist Sophina Bradburn, is fighting to improve conditions in places like Lansburgh.


For services, the central part of the village has a small school, a few shops, a single tavern, and little else. A mill and a few warehouses make up the industrial section.


Before the 340s Drought, Lansburgh was a growing farming community.   During the drought, Lansburgh, and many other farming villages and small towns like it, were devastated. Eventually, the drought became so severe that crops failed and a lot of livestock died. People fled the farmlands, and Lansburgh was abandoned.   Even though over 600 years has passed since the end of the drought, Lansburgh's population has not recovered. Some of the fields farthest from the village still remain fallow.
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Owning Organization
Salaris, the largest and most powerful nation in Imbria.


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