Attending Arcanis

Through study and practice, a witch can overcome anything. Through military training and understanding of the arcane arts, a team of witches is unstoppable.
— Reginald Augustus Emerson at the opening of Arcanis Academy
  Arcanis Academy is a military-style academy that trains high-level witches and wizards how to perform both offensive and defensive magic. Positions at Arcanis are coveted and competition for enrollment is fierce. Witches from the most powerful and affluential families in Salaris attend Arcanis.  

Career Paths

Arcanis Academy prepares cadets for many careers. The primary career paths for recent graduates include military service and joining the Academy Elites, a special force entrusted with complex and covert missions that support Salaris and her government.  

Primary Career Paths:

  • Military career: most Academy graduates enter the military as Wizards Officers (WOs)
  • Paramilitary career: select, high-performing graduates are selected to join the Academy Elites

Other Career Paths:

Upon completion of service to the Salarian military or Arcanis Academy Elites, former cadets can enjoy a wide variety of secondary career paths including:
  • Politics - many politicians have Academy training as well as service in the military or Elites
  • Teaching - graduates may be requested to return for teaching and are highly sought after in other educational institutions and training programs
  • Advising/Consulting and other options
  Any attendance at Arcanis Academy is highly valued in Salaris, and even those who fail or otherwise drop out of the academy still find career options available to them such as private security work or an easy transition into the police academy or city guard.  


Classes you may expect to encounter include but are not limited to:
  • History of Salaris
  • History: Wars of Wennovi
  • Magical Combat Training
  • Survival Training
  • Political and Military Strategy
  • Battle Tactics
  • Languages
  • Geography
  • Political Science
  • Foreign Relations
  In addition, there are physical training requirements and other elective courses, plus master classes in each major magic category. Cadets are encouraged to select a magic subspecialty in their second year.  

Magic Specialization

Each magic school within the Academy has their own list of required courses and competencies.  
Academy Magic.png
Arcanis Schools of Magic by hcraven

Colleges of Arcanis Academy

  • School of Earth
  • School of Water
  • School of Air
  • School of FIre
  • School of Ice
  • School of Lightning
  • School of Illusions
  • School of Conjurations

Additional Minor Options

  • Verdant magic
  • Healing magic
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  Cadets major in whatever magic they are most naturally atuned to. This is the magic they will be strongest in. Cadets can choose to minor in any other class of magic above, or one of the additional minor options below. Cadets are encouraged to minor in healing magic, though not all can manage or want to.   Healing and verdant magic are available only as minors or subspecialties. If someone wishes to become a full healer, they would study at one of the many healer universities in Torverath

Magic is Might

Reginald Augustus Emerson
Founding Date
360 DE
Education, Magic
Training Level

Highly competitive
Emerson County, Salaris
History of Arcanis Academy
Cadet Allowance
Dependent on rank/standing

Tuition and Funding

Academy cadets are not expected to pay tuition. Rather they are given a monthly allowance as determined by their rank. Additionally, cadets may receive bonuses depending upon their performance in training exercises and missions.   The academy acts as both an institute of higher learning and a mercenary organization, as government agencies, wealthy merchants, and others can pay for the services of academy cadets and Elites. Low-risk assignments are given to cadets as training exercises, while higher-risk and covert operations are performed by Academy Elites.  

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Cadet Ranks

A cadet's pay, permissions, and ability to take higher-level assignments and missions depend upon their rank. These ranks are not solely based on how long the cadet has attended but is based on a variety of evaluations. Some may remain at a particular rank level for multiple years. Graduation rates vary widely based on skill, job availability, and more.  
  • Entry-level: entry-level cadets have very little permissions and are not allowed on off-campus assignments. This is the lowest pay grade. However, slight pay increases are possible when cadets pass certain evaluations.
    • 0A = base pay
    • 0B = base pay + slight increase
    • 0C = base pay + increase
  • 1-stripe cadets: 1-stripe cadets are typically second-year cadets, though not always. These cadets:
    • Passed the first major set of evaluations and are now cleared for some very entry-level training missions that are deemed safe
    • Make more than the entry-level cadets, plus earn bonuses for strong performance during training missions. Additional small pay increases are available as above
    • Typically begin or have already begun study in a secondary magic
  • 2-stripe cadets: 2-stripe cadets earn a little more, take higher-level classes, and are assigned more risky training missions and easy solo assignments based on their magic and demonstrated skill levels
  • 3-stripe cadets: take master-level courses and may even find themselves temporarily attached to a military unit for training and tasks. These are the highest level cadets, who will eventually graduate, typically to become a military Wizard Officer or an Academy Elite.

Academy Elites

Academy Elites are those who continue to work for Arcanis Academy, accepting a wide variety of assignments. Academy Elites must obtain security clearances and may be assigned to a wide variety of Salarian government organizations to complete hired tasks. This is a highly competitive position, and not all cadets quality to become Elites.


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