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Wild Bison

(name) blinked his eyes against the stinging smoke as he made his way toward the back of the tavern. Wood smoke, burning fat, body odor, sour beer, and a hint of piss assaulted his nose.   I hate the Bison, he thought.   He prised his boots from the sticky floor with each step as he navigated around the closely-placed tables and dodged over-exuberant drunks wildly gesticulating to each other.   He worked his way to a secondary, dimly-lit room filled with large booths and slid into the one at the end where half the crew sat drinking.   "We have any new jobs?" Dara asked, tossing back the rest of her beer.   "A few small jobs. Some might not be worth it." (name) shrugged.   A server set an empty mug and another pitcher of beer on the table, and (name) deliberately took his time pouring himself some.   Shouts arose from the main room, and they heard the unmistakeble thud of a body slamming against one of the sturdy, wooden tables. Taking advantage of the commotion, (name) leaned over the table.   "I did hear about one..."
Cheap beer that does its job, dice, beds, the occasional bar fight, what more could one need?
— Regular patron of the Wild Bison
  The Wild Bison is an old, sprawling inn and tavern that has a reputation for being rowdy and dangerous.


Located in a small village nestled in the foothills of the Northern Mountain range, the Wild Bison is far removed from any large cities. Despite this, the inn and the bar are often busy.  
  • Locals frequent the pub for food, drink, and entertainment
  • Farmers, artisans, and craftsmen from nearby settlements and rural areas visit the village to sell goods and often stay at the inn
  • Travelers avoiding public transportation, especially those traveling in and out of the neighboring countries of Rhovan and Necros
  • Adventurers and even scholars headed into the inner and western parts of Salaris in search of ruins, treasures, etc.

    A Shadier Element

    Various Harvesters and Harvester groups are rumored to frequent the Wild Bison. Some assume it to be a sort of headquarters for many of these infamous criminals - a place to fence illegal goods and to sollicit or accept contracts.   Local authorities have had little luck catching these criminals in the act, though some suspect that they lack the motivation to apprehend those who bring business to the area. The village is too remote for other officials to get involved.

    Food & Drink

    Nothing fancy. Big portions. Surprisingly good.
    — Local villager
      By far, the most popular meal ordered at the Wild Bison is a beer, rustic hearth bread, and Wild Stew - a hearty stew consisting of chunks of random meats, vegetables, and kitchen scraps. Overall, the tavern serves filling, meat-heavy meals and mostly locally-sourced foods.   The Wild Bison primarily serves beer on tap and only domestic beers. Some cheap table wines are also available and a small selection of hard liquors served neat. The bartender refuses to make cocktails.  
    Deep-fried Potato Wedges
    Potato wedges fried in lard. Served with mustard.   Cheese Plates
    A selection of local cheeses, ranging from soft farmer's cheese and goat cheese to aged, hard cheeses.   Bean Dip
    Local beans boiled, smashed, and served with crisps and raw vegetables.   Hearth Bread
    A crusty, rustic bread cooked over a stone in the fire. Served with butter.

    The Wild Stew
    This hearty stew varies from day to day and includes chunks of different meats, potatoes, and vegetables. Meats often include beef, venison, and/or rabbit, but can also include pieces of duck, chicken, lamb, pork, or boar. Vegetables often include carrots, onions, and peas, but can also include asparagus, turnips, leafy greens, mushrooms, and more.   The Wild Stew is available every day. The soup of the day may vary between the others listed below.   Freshwater Fish Soup
    A savory soup with hearty chunks of fish, barley, and onions. *Catch of the day – may contain trout or other freshwater fish   Ham Stew
    A hearty stew with cubes of ham, potatoes, and peas.   Rabbit Soup
    A thick soup with small chunks of rabbit, turnips, carrot, and onions.   Onion Soup
    A savory soup made from beef bone broth, onions, and served with hard, crusty bread.

    Rotisserie Chicken
    Rotisserie-cooked chicken in a thick gravy served with roasted purple potatoes and asparagus.   Pan-fried Venison
    Pan-fried chunks of venison in a thick gravy served with mashed potatoes and leafy greens.   Grilled Rabbit
    Grilled chunks of rabbit in a butter sauce served with pearl barley and caramelized onions.   Seared Duck Breast
    Pan-seared duck breast cooked to medium with sautéed mushrooms and corn-flour griddle cakes.   Seasonal Side: dandelion greens

    Stone-ground oats served with dried fruits and walnuts.   Toast and Preserves
    House-made hearth bread with a small jar of preserves - choose from blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, huckleberry, or cranberry.   Mix and Match
    Griddle cakes
    Cornmeal porridge

    Snack Shop
    A little shop near the inn's reception area that sells snack and travel foods from nearby stores and farms. Great for in your room or on the trail. Includes:  
    - Jerky: beef, duck, trout, turkey, venison, wild boar, mushroom
    - Preserves (small jar): blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, huckleberry, cranberry
  • Occasionally arctic berry preserves from Rhovan
  • Springtime: dandelion jelly
  • Nuts: walnuts, pecans
  • - Granola bites
    - Hard cheeses
    Logo of the Wild Bison, contains a bison icon in the center
    Founding Date
    c. 360 DE
    Alternative Names
    The Bison
    Owning Organization
      When frost and snow
    And cold winds blow
    We’ll warm up at the Bison.   With meats and ale
    And tonics on sale,
    Go Wild at the Bison!   Where friend and foe
    And brethren go,
    Let's meet up at the Bison.


    A small village in Northern Salaris
  • Near the borders of Rhovan and Necros
  • Surrounded by hilly grazing land, farms, and forest
    Salaris, the largest and most powerful nation in Imbria.

    Famous Patrons

    While many notorious and perhaps infamous figures have visited the Wild Bison, the only famous person (rumored) to visit was Hapless Jack.  
    A scrawny teenager, too scared to be in the Bison, let alone the wilds.
    — Late 800s / early 900s DE
    Hapless Jack
    Character | Mar 17, 2022

    An explorer famous for discovering nothing


  • Darts / dice / card games / other forms of gambling
  • Fight nights - unsanctioned boxing - no magic!
  • Low-level to midrange illusion guides - usually those travelling through the area
  • Singers - locals and amateurs

  • Weekend afternoon family-friendly activities (despite all appearences to the contrary, the owner has a soft spot for children, and so sometimes hosts events, like picnics and scavenger hunts, on the grounds of the inn for villagers)

    • Circa 360
      Founding of the Wild Bison

      The exact date of founding is unknown, but the Wild Bison is believed to have been founded sometime around 360 DE, give or take a few years. This would have been prior to the Great Uprising, when Imbria was still united under the Imbrianus Empire.

    • 382 DE

      The Bison Burns
      Disaster / Destruction

      The original building burned down during the Great Uprising, a war between witches and mages that resulted in the toppling of an empire and the formation of new, indpendent nations.

      It is unknown if the fire was directly a result of military action, an unrelated accident, or an incidence of arson. The Wild Bison was slowly rebuilt over the next few years.

    • 395 DE

      398 DE

      A Route to Safety (Rumor)
      Population Migration / Travel

      The Great Uprising ended with the formation of separate nations in 394 DE. Soon after, necromancers and blood magic users were no longer welcome in Salaris and Torverath, and in some cases were strongly persecuted.

      The Wild Bison is rumored to have aided in the escape of necromancers who had been trapped in the southern states into Necros and blood magic users into Rhovan, as well as anyone else who wished to leave Salaris for any reason, including fleeing from the law or for religious differences.

      This rumor is unvalidated, and the exact dates of this supposed activity are unclear.

    • 497 DE

      Disaster / Destruction

      The second burning of the Wild Bison was believed to have been arson. 27 people perished in this fire.

      The incident was believed to have been the activity of one Harvester group eleminating a rival group. Because unrelated people were harmed, locals captured the accused gang and hanged them in the village.

    • 715 DE

      The Third Burning
      Disaster / Destruction

      The third time the Wild Bison burned down was the result of an accidental kitchen fire. A few injuries occured, but no one perished in this fire.

      This time, the owners took the opportunity to expand the building upon rebuilding.


    Author's Notes

    Thank you for reading! Click on the Timeline button above to learn more about the history of the Wild Bison.

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