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Nomas Activist

Mayor of Ashalia Sophina Bradburn

In a land where the wizard class holds all the power, Sophina Bradburn is leading the fight for fair representation and improved living and working conditions for all non-magical peoples (nomas).   Countless nomas sacrificed their lives in The Great Uprising to rid us of mage tyranny. The wizard class has since prospered, taking over all aspects of governing and enjoying privileged lifestyles, but they have done little to improve conditions or expand the rights of the majority.   Sophina Bradburn is the agent of change we need. Born to a family with no magical lineage, nevertheless, Sophina gained the position of Mayor of Ashalia through her leadership, tenacity, and courage. As the head of the Nomas Movement, she vows to use her position to advocate for better conditions, fair representation, and fair treatment under law for all non-magical people.  

Political Platform

Political Representation

Historically, non-magical people have had little voice in the policies by which they must abide, despite making up the largest portion of the population. With no direct representation, nomas have suffered under laws designed to benefit the wizard class.  


  • Representation for non-magical people at all levels of government, including the Senate
  • Nomas applications considered for all available political positions
  • Voting rights for all nomas - to include both local and senate elections
The voice of the majority must be heard!
— Sophina Bradburn

Education Reform

Investing in education equals investing in our nation's future. Granting non-magical people access to better education can only improve our nation, leading to better discourse, civic engagement, and innovation. Non-magical people have a lot to offer this nation if only given the chance.   Illiteracy continues to plague rural, non-magical communities. Small hamlets and villages dotted throughout the countryside often lack schoolhouses or even access to books and other learning materials. All children deserve the ability to read and write and the chance to learn in a safe environment. All children deserve the opportunity to follow their dreams.  

Plan for Primary Education:

  • Build schools in small hamlets and villages throughout the nation
  • Repair dilapidated schools
  • Standardize teaching materials
  • Foster community participation in education

Post-secondary Education:

  • Adult education must be expanded to support literacy for all
  • Nomas must be allowed to attend top-tier universities and gain access to programs such as political science or law, fields that do not require magical talent in order to excel
  • Trade schools must be better supported to promote better craftsmanship at lower cost to attendees
A lack of magical talent does not mean a lack of intelligence nor an inability to learn.Sophina Bradburn

Job Reform

Living wage

Overtaxed and underpaid, the wage gap between non-magical people and the wizard class has only increased in recent decades. With poverty levels on the rise, so many hard-working nomas struggle to provide food, shelter, and clothing for their entire families. More and more families forced to rely on food banks and assistance programs.   This situation is unsustainable. All occupations are essential to a functioning society, and as such, each hard-working citizen deserves to be able to afford the essentials. A stronger, more stable working class can only mean a stronger economy. We can achieve this through fairer wages and tax reform.  

Political Offices and Military Ranks

Non-magical people bring their own experiences and wisdom to any position, and as such have much to offer politically. Our nation can only benefit from opening political positions to nomas.   A strong military requires strong leadership and recognition for achievement and valor. Non-magical soldiers should have every ability to earn higher-ranking leadership positions within the military. This can only boost morale and benefit the current leadership, offering greater insight into the minds of the enlisted men and women serving in the armed forces.  

Legal Reform

All citizens deserve a fair trial and access to legal representation.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Sophina grew up in a small hamlet, which during her early years, did not have a schoolhouse. However, her mother taught Sophina and many of the neighboring children how to read and write, despite having limited access to books and other teaching materials.   Sophina's parents involved her in various community services, which sparked in her a love for people and politics. She would later go on to establish and lead various community service events as a minor: notably charity drives and community beautification projects.   Seeing first-hand how many of her people struggled, she vowed to do everything in her power to help nomas. She knew the rules needed to change. She needed to become involved in politics.   Pulling together all of their savings, her parents moved her to Ashalia in her late teens so she could pursue her goals. She immediately applied for a position in the mayor's office only to learn that the only positions available to nomas were clerical positions for which she would need to be certified.   Without a formal education, she struggled to gain admittance into Ashalia Nomas College, but through perseverance, she finally convinced the school's chancellor to allow her to test into the clerical program. Once admitted, she applied for an internship in the mayor's office, where she fought to prove her competence and skill.


Clerical Professional Certificate from Ashalia Nomas College


Sophina's love of politics led her to pursue an internship in the former mayor's office, where she was later hired as a clerk. She worked hard to prove her worth, and eventually the former mayor grew to rely on her clerical skills as well as her uncanny political insight. Leveraging that, she created for herself the position of Nomas Liaison, the first position of its kind, where she could represent the interests of the non-magical community.  

When the former mayor passed, leaving Ashalia without a qualified wizard or witch to take over his position, Sophina petitioned the governor of the region to consider her for mayor instead of giving the seat to an outsider. She then rallied the people into historically unprecedented demonstrations of support throughout the region until the governor awarded her the office.


Not content to be a mere figurehead, Sophina is working tirelessly to improve conditions in Ashalia and to ignite change throughout Salaris. While still new to office, we are fully confident she will do great things for the nomas populace with the full support of the Nomas Movement and growing support of the community.

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Organized fundraising events to establish Ashalia's first food bank
  • Joined the Nomas Movement as a teen to later become leader of the movement
  • First non-magical person to hold the office of mayor in all of Imbria
  • As mayor, Sophina has increased monetary support for the Ashalia Food Bank and entered negotiations with the governor to begin enacting her plans


Religious Views

Sophina grew up in a family of devout worshipers of Torva. And while she still loves Torva, she believes the church must also change its teachings to reflect and promote the equality due to all people, magical or non.
The ability to wield magic should not make one more or less worthy in the eyes of Torva or her followers. I believe that even though the Goddess wielded incredible power, she saw the beauty in all people.
— Sophina Bradburn

Visit your town hall to support the movement today!
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Leader of the Nomas Movement, Representative of the People, Mayor of Ashalia
A small hamlet outside Ashalia
Current Residence
Ashalia, Salaris
Quotes & Catchphrases
The strength of the spell does not determine the value of the individual.
— Sophina Bradburn
With determination and courage, we can change the way they see us.
— Sophina Bradburn
Sophina's Ultimate Goal: equality for all nomas

How you can help:

  • Donate to the Nomas Movement
  • Attend town hall meetings to voice your support of Sophina Bradburn and your desire for her to remain in office
  • See sign-ups for volunteer opportunities
  • Sign petitions and attend rallies
  • Participate in community events and beautification projects

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