Ainsley Lake

"Why would you want to visit a haunted lake?"
"It's not haunted"
"You won't be saying that when the spirits of the Lost Village are after you."
"It's NOT haunted."
  Hidden among the foothills of the Northern Mountains, Ainsley Lake is fairly isolated. Few have seen it, and yet nearly everyone in Imbria knows of it, thanks to the widespread story of Ainsley's Destruction, which blames a single mage for the destruction of a village and creation of the lake.   This circular lake is shrouded in superstition and mystery.  

What formed Ainsley Lake?

There is a lot of debate, even amongst scholars, as to the origins of Ainsley Lake. Theories include:  

Mage Magic

Most believe an explosion of mage magic created the circular lake.   Earth magic is often blamed, though some believe it to have been created by fire, water, or even ice, as well as other mage magics.   See Ainsley's Destruction

The Gods

Another theory is that one of the gods destroyed the village, having been offended by the actions of its inhabitants. Some insist this happened during the Era of the Gods, while others believe it to have happened much more recently.


Some scientists and geologists believe a meteorite created Ainsley Lake, claiming one struck Wennovi sometime during the Era of the Gods.   Strange rocks and other minerals have also been found in the vicinity.


Ainsley Lake is a small impact crater lake located in the northwestern part of Salaris. It is a calm lake, surrounded by hilly terrain.

Localized Phenomena

Ainsley Lake and the surrounding area is often foggy, lending to its air of mystery.   Some people also claim to experience a higher-than-normal level of magic energy radiating from the lake, influencing stories of its origin.
Ainsley Lake possesses excessive latent energy, so much so that it made my skin itch and the crew jittery.
— Research expedition leader
Alternative Name(s)
Mage's Abyss
Crater / Crater Lake / Caldera
Owning Organization
Related Myths
Salaris, the largest and most powerful nation in Imbria.

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