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Illusion Guides

While illusion magic is a perfectly legal field of study, illusion guide is a term used to describe someone who is hired to induce and/or guide someone through a magical high with illusion magic, to heighten sexual encounters, or to otherwise influence party-goers.  


It was an invigorating, intoxicating sensation that made her heart beat a little faster. The world became sharper and clearer when her power was unleashed.
— Marcella, Necromancer Queen of Necros
Each person experiences magic differently, but typically, the caster experiences a rush of adrenaline, excitement, and sometimes even euphoria. Some illusionists can trigger these sensations in others through false imagery, sounds, tastes, and sensations.   The best and most well-paid illusion guides can make these experience seem so real as to be nearly indestinguishable from reality. The most highly sought-after guides can influence multiple people at a time. A rare few posess the ability to manipulate emotions as well.


Demand for illusion guides is surprisingly high, despite it being a banned occupation in Salaris and Torverath. Even inexperienced illusion guides are popular among certain crowds.   It is not uncommon for wealthy individuals to hire an experienced, high-level illusion guide for personal enjoyment or even to liven up hosted parties. These experiences can range from simple things, like changing the surroundings to emulate a natural environment to experiences of a more explicit nature.   Even nomas have been known to hire illusion guides, typically in order to feel the rush of magic use despite having no magical ability themselves.


Provided Services

Illusion guides all have their own limits as to what they are willing to do. These terms are negotiated before services are rendered. Over time, many guides develop their own specialties.

Dangers & Hazards

The greatest danger to clients is a form of addiction to the illusions, or even a magic addiction. This can form even in nomas who hire illusion guides. With multiple participants, the reaction of others to the illusion can also pose a risk, particularly if someone becomes frightened.   For the guide, however, there are a variety of possible hazards.  

Physical & Mental Risks

  • Exhaustion and magic fatigue are common hazards for all illusion guides, but particularly so for low-level illusionists, those without much magical energy and formal training. The probability of this increases with the complexity and duration of the illusions.
  • Magic Addiction is possible for the illusionist, depending on duration and frequency of magic use, along with other personal risk factors
  • Bodily harm - there have been cases where the illusionist lost control of the illusion and the client becomes frightened and violent, believing themselves to be warding off an attacker or escaping from a dangerous situation. In these instances, the illusionist can find themselves injured
  • Some physicians claim that illusion guides are more likely to develop chronic magic fatigue

Legal Risks

Officials of Salaris claim the reason for banning the practice of being an illusion guide is to combat magic addiction, and certain groups support this ban to discourage certain types of parties.   Illusion guides who are caught in the act often face arrest. Depending on the services rendered and the number of participants, a guide may be fined or may face the choice between 2 years imprisonment or military service. Critics claim this ban to just be a ploy to force more magic-users into the military.   Statement from a convicted illusion guide
I’d rather guide lovers to climax than combatants to death.
Banned in: Discouraged in: No formal stance:
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