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Mantalos is an island-nation to the east of Imbria known for item enchanting and other artisanal magic. It maintains several ports that service trans-oceanic trade between the continents.


Magic is a wonderous, glorious thing and is at its best when used in the pursuit of creation and beauty.
— Mantali Minister of Magic
Above all else, the Mantali people favor artisanal magic, a form of magic underappreciated in other countries. Artisanal magic refers to magic used in creating, enhancing, or otherwise improving upon a wide variety of products from protective charms to enchanted tools.
  In fact, Mantalos is the only place known to weave lesser and average runes into a variety of clothing items, including its famed silks.   Other magic types are still practiced in Mantalos and are utilized in their military and amongst their upper classes.


Mantalos maintains a strong navy and spends the majority of its military budget on ships, sailors, and other maritime efforts. It relies heavily on its navy for protection, and naval officers enjoy an elevated cultural status among the Mantali people.   Mantalos does have other military branches, but they are much smaller by comparison.

Foreign Relations

Magic Freedom Coalition

A member of the Magic Freedom Coalition, Mantalos joined in defiance of Salaris's trade sanctions and bans on certain Mantali products following the Mantali Incident, which resulted in the death of four missionaries from Torverath.   For more on the MFC and the Mantali Incident:
Magic Freedom Coalition
Organization | Jul 10, 2022

An alliance between nations that claim to support non-restricted use of magic

Magic Alliance Trade Agreement

The MFC crafted MATA in 979 DE to combat trade restrictions and sanctions imposed by Salaris and Torverath on surrounding nations. Includes MFC members plus Eldahi.
by hcraven
  These trade bans are specifically on artisanal, Mantali enchanted items, and has negatively impacted Mantalos's economy. Nevertheless, Mantalos does continue to benefit from trade between Imbria, specifically Salaris, and the eastern continent, Eldan.

Agriculture & Industry

The finest, most luxurious material she had ever felt slid between her fingers. The urge to rub it against her cheek competed with a rising ire. Silk this fine could only have come from one place.
— Lia Crayford, shopkeeper in Paltetia
  Mantalos is famed for producing the highest quality silk in all the world. It is expensive and highly coveted, but unfortunately, it has also been banned in many nations, specifically in Salaris and Torverath as a penalty for Mantalos's refusal to follow the Law of Torva. Thereby, Mantalos must rely on other economic activities.  

Ports of Call

Mantalos maintains several large ports along its coastline that cater to both trans-oceanic trading vessels and commercial tourism ships. The fees collected from these ports and the influx of people seeking goods and services on the island contribute greatly to the local economy.

Enchanted Goods

Mantalos produces a wide variety of magically enchanted items, from wands to protective charms, daggers, specialty tools, and more. Some manufacturers specialize in items used in complicated rituals, while others create items that even a nomas can use, such as magic light orbs.

Luxury Goods

From the rare hardwoods that grow on the island, Mantalos produces a variety of luxury goods. These hardwoods, such as their blackwoods, are used in a variety of applications from musical instruments to furniture and enchanted items.


In addition to silk, Mantalos produces a variety of textiles, including cotton, jute, linen, and more. This work is one of the most common for Mantali nomas for those not enlisted in the Navy.

Trade & Transport

A world of Magic
  Positioned between the western continent, Wennovi, and the eastern continent, Eldan, most trade vessels traveling between the two continents stop in Mantalos to restock, and rest. As such, Mantalos holds great control over trans-oceanic trade.
Geopolitical, Country
Major Exports
  • Rare tropical hardwoods
  • Sugarcane
  • Silk
  • Enchanted goods
  • Textiles
Major Imports
  • Lumber
  • Stone and other building supplies
  • Wheat
  • Cattle and other livestock

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