Mage Lights

Mage lights are the predecessors to the current magic light orbs utilized throughout Imbria and beyond. They are spheres of glass or crystal that are imbued with magic. Tiny runes etched on one side allow them to be powered with a simple spell.


The majority of the mage lights were made from blown glass. Tiny runes were then etched into the glass by hand, and enchanted to illuminate and oftentimes to be more durable. These mage lights were then powered with mage magic, and could glow for days on end. The brightness and duration of light emitted from the mage lights depended upon the skill of the rune-etcher.   In some instances, particularly for royalty and wealthy patrons, the orbs would be made from polished crystal. Aside from being a status symbol, these crystal mage lights could often hold more magic energy and thereby shine brighter and longer.   Eventually, these mage lights included runes to turn off the light in the orb, saving the energy for later use. This allowed the light to be turned on or off at the users command with very basic spells.

Modern Magic Light Orbs

After the Great Uprising and the elimination of all mages, mages lights eventually began to lose power and break. Witches had to learn how to make and power similar lights.   Modern magic lights are made the same way as the mage lights. The key difference is the mage lights were made and powered by mages and therefore could hold a greater magic charge, were brighter, and lasted longer.   Magic lights are used all throughout Imbria to light buildings, streets, and homes. They are extremely common, and most people can afford to own at least 1 magic light. Nomas who own light orbs often pay for a low-level witch to recharge them or can take them to temple to be charged for free.   Magic lights also feature in a number of rituals and traditions, such as Birthdays in Torverath
Unknown - used for 1000s of years
Access & Availability
Widely available amongst mages, wealthy witches, and government buildings
Simple to moderate:
  • Nomas made the glass or crystal spheres
  • Mages etched the runes
Alternate Name
Matorvai - (Ancient), mostly used by priestesses, monks, and scholars


Author's Notes

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