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The Other God of Israk

The Gods that we know today was not always the only Gods of Nimenra the theologians and our own Gods have told us. There were also... "The Other Gods"...
I... Mentioning this is hard due to the sensitivity of the matter. But I will write and tell about a story, a myth I have heard was told by an old, strange and grey-bearded man to one man from Dunnd I met. It is about Israk, the fire-spewing mountain that all fear.
What if the fire came from not only the earth itself, but from one of the aforementioned... Other Gods?
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
The Other Gods are not something ordinary people talk about but not even the priests, priestesses, elders, ofrains and monks talk too loudly about them. It is a public... forbbidenness around The Other Gods. A subject that no one wants to think or acknowledge that might... that have existed. One myth that lives in minds more or less for the ones who have heard it is The Other God of Israk, or... Ishrakku.
"Oh, may I not be struck down for mentioning the name..."


The Other Gods are different from the Gods that The Eight Pantheons accept and are the Ones that was defeated by the Gods of Nimenra. One of these Other Gods were one named... named after that mountain Israk. This one Other God used fire and stone with Their magical ability, hurling large rocks that could ignite large grass plains and could move the same fires around Them in circles without exhaustion. Their fires were ever-consuming, no life nor object could resist them. As worshipped and feared this Other God was, They were finally forced to fight the Gods of Nimenra and the Dwarven Gods with Their respective followers. This clash sent shockwaves and fire that forced Krakros to use His purple barriers of magic to hinder the devastation, force Reliona to hide behind Her shield and Askersound to use His waters to no avail to extinguish the Other God's fires. But the Other God was facing fierce resistance and Rhyn would not back down against such devastating abilities. His vines became imbued with the runic powers of the Dwarven Gods and trashed the Other God. Reliona's sword cut Them, Krakros magic rippled into Them, Nilari's prayers stunning Them. With the Gods of the Eight Pantehons and the Dwarven Gods combined strength, the Other God was defeated.
All know, however, that little can hinder such a being from ravaging Nimenra again. Next time there could be more casualties than that time. As the Other God refused to die and bound Themselves to the earth of Nimenra, the Gods of Nimenra and Dwarfs decided that the Other God would suffer. Rhyn himself cast mighty magic to bind and throw the Other God into Israk, the volcano and already fire-spewing mountain, where They would rest for eternity, only able to use Their power in relation to the mountain itself. Orios threw a spear that pierced the Other God's heart down with Them just as a safety precaution. All the Gods used Their abilities that day so that Israk would keep the evil at bay.

Variations & Mutation

Israk is a looming threat above all of Telamirein and most of Marlun thus many versions exist about the reason the mountain move and shakes all of the known worlds. When the molten rocks and fire is cast out at times, people fear for themselves as they should. Many do believe that the Gods themselves have done something to hinder Israk from being too dangerous, but that is more related to the Dwarven God of Anvils and Hammers Dunder, who bound the mountain so that His forge have a constant supply of heat and also created the invisible bindings that hold it in place during quakes.
This myth is not that spread, since it is about the Other Gods. Their history and presence in Nimenra are spoken little of due to what They did. They were enemies to all living species on Nimenra and should not be spoken of, if not needed, which is very, very few times. Whatever that old man with his long, grey beard wanted with this story, this myth... Who knows?
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To the ones who read this... I can tell you many things and this myth might have straws of truth to it. It is for... well, You, to decide whether to trust this retelling.
— MM

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