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Elian Martel

Lord/Herre Elian Martel

Our forces are superior in every way compared to that of the Demons.
Elian Martel
Elian Martel is a noble of house Martel from Orfordwhelm. He leads the forces from Orfordwhelm in Marlun during The War for Marlun. A prime example of the stubborn and easily annoyed Orfordsmen, he is by some a capable warrior but according to others is too overconfident in his own abilities as a leader.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Elian is at his peak physical condition, having had little sickness over his lifetime. Strong as an ox and standing straight as a pillar, he has broad shoulders and a determination in his stance.

Identifying Characteristics

Typically Eilan Martel is standing and sitting straight and never seem to relax in any way. His old scars from battle, especially the one burn on his left arm after a fire mage burned him, has left their impressions.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Elian Martel was born to Gerald Martel and Ursild Sjound in the later part of Midi-Term the year 2502. Gerald Martel was the descendant to the Martel family and noble house that sided with Avenon Council and had fled to Orfordwhelm over a thousand years earlier. As a part of this family, Elian was always the odd one out even among his peers due to the family still having their Nilaminran names and traditions. Unlike previous generations, however, the Martel had gained power during the events leading up to the Fall of Leonerd  and Elian was still a respected Orfordsman by heart and mind.
Like his brothers he participated in the traditional Rus Feast several times and earned scares that still lived on to his military career. At the age of 21, he became the part of a Svirth to one of his father's friend before participating in combat for the first time. He showed bravery during these battles which in turn earned him the title of Hvitsark of the Svirth. Over the years he was taught the military organisation of the other countries and of military might in the eyes of Orios. By his 26:t birthday, he had become an experienced warrior and became a knight or as Orfordians call them Hirdman. As he fought for his Herre and lord he gained recognition for his strength but also his lack of hearing those who he saw as under him. A year later, unrest was picking up on the core of Orfordwhelm due to the election of the Chief-king which had Elian leave his Herre to participate in the battles to come.
When the late unrest in the core territory was laid down, Gerald Martel had died and left Elian with nothing but his older brothers protection. The wealth he had acquired in personal servants and goods was now under his brother, which had Elian at a odds with him. Also, their already sour relationship was dating back since before Gerald's death. After a time, Elian left with thous who wanted to follow him to be once again be taken up by his Herre as Hvitsark. This would not be the case, as the Chief-king of Orfordwhelm had recognized Elian's participation in the putting down of the unrests which would lead to him being granted his own land and holding in the southern Orfordwhelm territory in 2537 at the age of 35. This was just south of his brothers' larger territory and dukedom.
Elian would manage this holding for until Nekuram would once again start the War for Marlun. As an already accomplished leader, and some dealings with the Chief-king, Martel was appointed as general and leader of Orfordwhelm's forces in Marlun under the The Council of Four Kings banner. Martel would participate in the Battle at Tellmenn and be one of several military leaders participating in the determining battles to come.

Personality Characteristics

Virtues & Personality perks

Elian has a strong mentality, typical that of a man with a strong and decisive belief in himself.
Having faced both skilled soldiers and peasants in close combat, he has the experience to deal with enemies on his own.
His stubbornness and "do-or-die" way of life have inspired others. It also affects his leadership in the way that he fights and he commands others to follow...

Vices & Personality flaws

While his strong mentality is like a guide for him, he also has it as a flaw in many ways according to others. His determination of him being the better of others, especially over thous of other countries, have had a strenuous effect on every single person trying to get him to cooperate.
While a capable fighter and a skilled one at that, his leadership skills according to his peers have always been a flaw. Having little strategic and tactical mind but the stubbornness of having his way have not yet had bad consequences... but there has always been a fear that if he were to gain a position of leadership, he might be more of a hindrance rather then an asset.
While many pretend to not know it, Elian is a strong advocate of Orfordwhelm's dominance as a military power and way of life. That is also why no mages have been sent from Orfordwhelm, those few that exist that is.
Current Location
Date of Birth
5 of Midi-Term 2102
Year of Birth
2502 V.D. 41 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Birthed during Midi-Term
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
1,91 meters
88 kg
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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