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The Heroine of Reliona

When I was told the myth, the oracle... no... what should you call it? The prophecy? Perhaps, but when I was told about it I could see so many heroes and heroines of old chosen by The Nini as the one Heroine of Reliona. What is the quality that Reliona sees in the Heroine? For so much history I have consumed I know not.
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
One prophecy stands above all others for belivers in Reliona and Nilaminra's ruler The Nini. It is the foretelling of the Heroine of Reliona, the warrior who brings peace in the name of the Goddess Reliona. But the prophecy itself also indicates a much larger vision of the Heroine when she is greatly needed...


Once upon a time, Reliona appeared before a young girl no more than 10 summers old. Reliona told her that she would become a great warrior and a leader of humans against evil enemies that threatens the lives of her family and close ones. There was a greater conflict at the time where warfare was frequent and would soon tear the girls family apart. By taking on the mantel of Heroine she could protect her family from the terrible fate that closed in on them and put an end to the conflict. The girl was fearful of the fate asked of her but agreed to be Her warrior, Her Heroine.
The girl grew up with visions of Reliona coming back to her, training her and telling her about the world, receiving a greater education and training than any of her family or anyone in her village. At the age of nineteen, the conflict came to the Heroine's village. Using what she had been taught, she defeated the invaders. Reliona once again appeared, this time thanked and congratulated the Heroine for the victory. To show Her appreciation, Reliona gave the Heroine a shield and armour that would not be pierced by the humans of evil intent and ward off strong magic.

Heroine of Reliona - The Words

At times I need a soul of pure heart, with a fierce fire, with a bright purpose and capable of rising above and beyond themselves.   I seek the aid of the one who needs to be protected and want to protect others.   I find one among the girls of innocence, untouched and burning.   I see the devotion to others, to belief, to visions, to learning and Myself.   In all this is the Heroine that I choose, that will carry My name, that will fend off injustice and bad intentions, that will save many, that is needed during a time of life and death...
With the ability to protect in her hand, Reliona told her to defend the innocent and rise above herself, becoming a symbol against the enemies of Her and of the Heroines village.
The Heroine lived a life of conflict until the war and conflict passed. With it all over she laid down the sword and shield that she used against her enemies. What life she returned to beyond the peace and prosperity of her village and victory is unknown, but the first Heroine had defeated the enemies and the birth of a legend, myth and prophecy was sparked.
As the tale says, Reliona will appear before a new girl when a new Heroine is needed. Sometimes, even a boy might become a Hero instead in Her name. Whatever threat that forms against humanity, against Reliona or when the light seems to dim, the red glowing aura and strength of the Heroine will appear.

Historical Basis

Whenever the first appearance of the Heroine was, they have appeared since. No one knows when the first Heroine appeared, only that it was before Valen's time. Several have been personally given the mantel of Heroine by Reliona but most have been chosen by The Nini, leader of Nilaminra. As one who can communicate with the Gods, specifically Nilari and Reliona, the Nini's words can also find a Heroine.

Cultural Reception

For the Nilandrians, they see the choice of a Heroine as a sign of the Nini's powers and acceptance from the Gods. It was a Heroine of Reliona that united and became The First Nini of Nilaminra from the fractured countries in Minrans.
Since The War for Marlun begun there have been Heroines battling the Demons of Nekuram. Due to this and when they appear, they become warriors in the The United Kings Council's army against the demons most of the time if not another conflict among Humans of Nimenra demands their attention. This uniting figure have been both blessing and curse, since the Heroine represents Nilaminra and most of the time comes from their regions, many in Orfordwhelm and of Orfordsmen heritage see the Heroine as a too much of a symbol for Nilaminra rather then a symbol of unity and order.
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