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Flamewhip Mines

Even among normal citizens of the Valley of Tears, the law is a fickle and precarious thing. It is practically non-existent for the Ash-Marshall and his organization. The Titan's Fist dares not enforce the laws on the mines, for it is too integral parts of Gorgoth's infrastructure. Therefore, no one, having a Mark of Brass or not, being a slave belonging to the Marshall or not, is safe from the djinn's whims.


The mines themselves are not even totally run by slaves of the Ash-Marshal. Rather, his main income is in fact from commissions that other sultans and slave masters must pay to have their own workers foray into them. What the djinn provides, is permission and for use and (limited) protection.   Though most of the slaves in the mines are not his, the Ash-marshal does place planted agents within groups with the intent of reconnaissance and maintaining control. He also has subordinates that keep the peace, manage the little sustenance slaves are allowed, and drive the miners to work harder.


Besides the ore and jewel mines, the Ash-marshal owns the second richest palace in the city, next only to the Titan's. The djinn also owns droves of slaves directly, and even more call him master due to their owners working for his organization. It is almost certain that most of the Titan's Fist are bought and paid for by him as well, at least most of the higher ranking members.


It is not clear the order and times at which point the major organizations in Gorgoth were started, but the most believed theories place the beginning of work in the mines soon after the Lion took over the Hive. The beast-man and the djinn have gone through eras of bitter rivalry and strenuous cooperation, but never for long, at least on the surface.
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