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The rise of the Church of the Scarlet Flame

Me, the Bishops, the Church in general, and the Monarch. In that order.
The Pontiff of Kaewen's answer to his pupil's question
about who holds power in Naeron
Today the most powerful organisation in Naeron (one of the Four Regions of Adhonaglamar), the Church of the Scarlet Flame wasn't always so influential. Founded by a hermit in Naeron, who felt that the people of the Continent needed more guidance and healing after many years of war and famine, it started out very small.

Its initial focus lay on helping people, especially the poor and downtrodden, to give meaning to their life. This was symbolized by the Scarlet Flame: pure, deep, and bright. Very quickly it attracted many followers, who were happy to listen to the priests' sermons and religious doctrine as long as the Church provided meals, comfort and overall improved their circumstances. Yet there were plenty of individuals that were drawn to the religious aspects as well. Within a few years the Church had many priests, that spread out across Naeron to bring the Church's enlightenment to the entire Region.

The more followers it had, the more influential it grew. Communities would petition the Church for advice before making important decisions. Those that didn't were pressured by their own members to do so, many of them having taken up the faith.

This didn't go by unnoticed by some of the priests in the Church, especially the ones who felt the call of power. A decade after the Church's inception, a large synod was held to determine the future of the Church and more importantly its structure. All priests of the Church knew a change was needed in the way they governed themselves. But they disagreed on how to change it. It was during this synod that the ones lusting for power took control of the Church. With eloquent speeches and grand visions of the Church's future, a group of five priests managed to convince the others of their proposal. Four of them were nominated as bishops, each to oversee the Church's affairs in one part of Naeron's territory. The fifth was appointed as Pontiff, the supreme leader of the Church.

It is after this synod that the Church very quickly began its consolidating power all over Naeron. It increased its own holdings and land, gathering more and more wealth. Through careful political manoeuvring, the Church soon was not only consulted by communities and village elders, but also by the lords and rulers of Naeron. And their advice would not often be ignored...

By the fiftieth year after its creation, the Church had established itself as a powerhouse in Naeron, only matched by the Monarchy itself. Though that still wasn't enough for the Church. Still submitted to secular law, the Pontiff and his bishops resented that they were accountable to the Monarch. They began campaigning and instigating their followers to petition all lords for a special status for the Church.

A comprehensive book was published by the Pontiff, "the Code of the Scarlet Flame". It was in effect a system of laws and regulations, exclusively applicable to the Church and its dealings. Under pressure by the population, and in need of support from the Pontiff for his plans to invade the other Regions, the Monarch accepted the Code as the sole law that was applicable to the Church's affairs.The Church had finally achieved what had become their ultimate goal. To be, in effect, exempt from secular law, answering to none but itself.
Religious, Organised Religion

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Author's Notes

This article was created during Summer Camp 2020 - as such it is a beginning rather than an end; the article will most likely be edited/changed in the future when the world of Adhonaglamar grows. This may explain any lack of visuals or a proper lay-out.

Cover image: from Pixabay. Edited by Errandir, Summer Camp 2020 logo by World Anvil.

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