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The Structuralist Fraternity of Levelers

When the Structuralism took over as the reigning theology in the society, medical matters were considered the domain of the church. A specific arm of clergy were created to deal with these matters called The Structuralist Fraternity of Levelers. In the Structuralist doctrine, The Articulation, Nature is chaotic and must be bent to the will of humanity. As medicine relies on so many aspects of nature, it was important that aspiring doctors go through clerical school to better defend themselves spiritually against Nature's corruption.  

My Doctor or My Butcher

  In the early days, Levelers were expected to rely more heavily on tools and technology to address patient's ailments. The church viewed the human body as an advanced mechanism, so in order to repair it, proper tools needed to be developed. This time period is marked with substantial advancements in the society's understanding of the human body. Anatomical diagrams illustrated not only human organs, muscles, and bones, but were also used to support the assertion that the human form is a construct developed by the deities known as Wrights.   However this period was also met with criticism. Levelers were not able to cure all infections using tools or surgery. During this period Levelers were looked at as butchers, ready to open you up over a common cold. Framer Conroy, considered one of the wisest of the church elders, noticed this discrepancy in public opinion and sought to rectify it, citing his belief that any weaknesses in the foundation could crumble the whole house. Framer Conroy worked with Leveler Tamra who also believed that the Fraternity's ability to care for its patients were being hampered by the church's edicts.  


  After several meetings with the highest ranking clergy members, it was decided that Leveler's practices would be expanded to include older methods of medicinal treatment, and their studies would have a renewed focus on the healing properties of the natural world. This was a somewhat contentious agreement, but Framer Conroy argued effectively that a Leveler's ability to mix concoctions from natural source was no different than a baker making bread, or even a carpenter building a house. It was their gift, and with this gift they could command nature in such a manner that humanity could live longer and more prosperous lives. What better use of the Wright's blessings than this?   As the Levelers went on to further their understanding of Nature, members of the church were still concerned that their written studies would fall into the wrong hands or those susceptible to Nature's corruption.To alleviate these concerns, Leveler Tamra invented a coded language comprised of geometric symbols and numbers called Saluscript. This cipher would only be taught to Levelers so that any dangers would be contained within the Fraternity. Their practices would still be governed by the church, and any practices deemed incongruent with the Articulation would be halted   These changes in policy were immediately felt within the communities and the trust of Levelers was quickly regained. However there were unforeseen consequences.  

Expansion of Influence

  Levelers would always gain support within the community because of the importance of a healthy society. However the secrecy of their teachings gave them an understanding of nature that no one else had, even in the Structuralist Church. And over years of study that gulf of knowledge has only widened and can be exploited by Levelers. Structuralists who claimed that Levelers had become sanctioned witchcraft were silenced by ailing members fearing their treatments would become "less effective." Those fearful of poisoning are more than aware that a Leveler is the only expert on cause of death, so best to stay on their good side.   While Levelers are not directly a part of general church decision making, their influence is certainly felt in the church halls. Certainly what is good for the Levelers must be good for all?

Balance the body! Level the mind!


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