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Rosetta Gaol

The Rosetta Gaol is the organization running the world's biggest prison of the same name. Although they belong to the Tsardom of Preal, they operate almost as an independent geopolitical entity due to them housing thousands of criminal from different nations of Aureia Their leadership consists of Jasmine Coldflower and her two advisors. It employs over three thousand men and women, as security guards, cooks, cleaners and other personnel needed for smooth operation. Its security force rivals those of independent nations and kingdoms.


Warden Master, or in this case Warden Mistress Jasmine Coldflower, is in charge of the gaol's operations. Three Warden Generals are appointed to oversee different sections of the prison, each in command of a small army of security personnel. Each of their many sister locations also have a warden in charge of that facility. However, they all answer directly to the Warden Mistress.


The organization has accumulated vast amounts of gold from all nations on Aureia. Currently it owns 21 prisons all over the continent, although The Rosetta houses almost 97% of all their prisoners.


13 generations ago Mac Coldflower started a family and a small fishing business in a village on the western coast of the continent. He was a retired war hero of the Preal army. It was not long before a series of bandit raids pushed his village into poverty. After the pleas for help were ignored by the government, he started to organize a defence militia in his and some neighboring villages. This protection was quickly becoming the default that people turned to with their troubles. As this organization grew, they became a sort of law enforcement for instances the government deemed too unimportant. At the time they went by the name Coldflower Protection Militia (CPM). They also needed a place to put these wrongdoers and after accumulating enough wealth they built the Rosetta Gaol. Different governments saw this as an oppurtunity to rid themselves of the responsibility that came with housing criminals, so they sent them here. After a while, those humble beginnings were forgotten and greed started driving the intentions of future generations. This plunged the prison from fame to infamy and with it the Coldflower family name.
Corporation, Security
Alternative Names
Coldflower Protection Militia, CPM
Controlled Territories


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