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The Syndicate

"Well 'you-know-who could easily have pulled it off. There isn't much that get's in their way."
  Ruthless and unwilling to compromise, the is little argument the Syndicate is the most powerful organization in the galaxy.
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  The criminal syndicates main motives are money and influence, even if the influence is just to make more money. The syndicate works towards securing a permanent place in the shadows of society, profiting from the desires of the public. Under the best of circumstances, the syndicate is making money from someone else's downfall.


  The Syndicate has its fingers in almost every government agency or derivative thereof. Their presence in systems can be blatant, as is in Perillel, or they could be tucked in the shadows like on Earth. Just because they are not visible, doesn't mean they aren't working to undermine the system for profit.

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"The Syndicate is the closest thing we as people will ever achieve to true freedom. Anarchy is the future, ladies and gentlemen." -the Rogue



  While some systems have fairly lax laws, others are extremely strict or even downright militaristic, but this doesn't stop the Syndicate from trying to make ins. With their expansive capital, they can bribe officials or hire blackmailers or assassins to make sure those with a say are agreeable. The Syndicate takes no chances, and doesn't hesitate to utilize force in order to gain the representation they need to continue their ruthless run of the galaxy.   But the Syndicate doesn't just take advantage of political figures and law enforcement. They will pressure or pay-off civilians for land, information, or just to stay quiet about criminal operations in an area. These intense methods ensure almost unifrom cooperation between both legal and civil entities.  


  The Syndicate is a co-op of three major criminal organizations who maintain top-down leadership, relying on loose trust that low-level criminals can complete their tasks without direct supervision. Very rarely is an operation overseen directly by one of the higher-ranking members of the Syndicate which helps protect them from the, albeit small, risk of apprehension.   The Chairmen are four representatives from each major organization, or gang, and are the top members of the Syndicate. Their meetings are held in secret, the decisions made within being passed along to the direct leaders of each gang. The leaders then provide the order to the regional "kingpin" who will provide the instructions to smaller gangs under their control. It is not uncommon for any part of this process to be conducted through secret channels, such as through the use of Low-Speak.

The Major Gangs


The original of the large space-based criminal rings, the Gangsters found their start some time before space-travel became commercial. They handle the territories near Earth due to their long-lasted connections. The well-organized gang drew their roots all the way back to Al Capone, and almost 100 years later they continue to embody the "Great American Gangster".  


When it comes to firepower, most militaries struggle to compete with the go-to producers of illicit arms. The Thugs are unique in that they don't operate in regulated space; they have their own legally reckognized system, Arma, but their persistance in smuggling arms into other systems is the reason for their criminal association.  


Less sophesisticated than their criminal counter-parts, the Raiders occupy the fringes of the Galaxy. The term "organized" is used loosely to describe the various chaotic and unpredictable members, although recently with the rise of Ajax and the Law Breaker, rogue operations from the raiders have decreased. Unfortunately, this only leads to more well-organized strikes against harder targets.

"Drugs, booze, and guns! We got it all, baby!" -smuggler


  The Syndicate is the peak of organized crime; if one need guns, booze, drugs, or just wants someone else dead, the Syndicate have someone who can get it done. Even more, no one is allowed to operate under their sphere of influence without their permission, which ensures a higher quality of work. Certain jobs fall to certain gangs, such as with the Thugs and arms running, but this isn't viewed as a disadvantage. The Syndicate is so well structured that a request for Journic Moonshine could start at the Gangsters, be sent to the Raiders who will then return with an estimated time of arrival within the day. It is this wrinkle-free process that allows the Sydicate to perform complex operations in many areas at the same time.


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