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Earth Security Force

Earth Security Force is a corporation that is paid by the Earth Unified Government to enforce the laws of Earth controlled space. They run the prisons, and serve the role that the police force did 800 years before.


Structured like a cross between a military organization, and a police force that it was replacing, ESF has a mix of ranks.   The top of the organization is the Admiralty. The Admiralty decides deployments, and distribution of resources to different areas.They work with the Earth government to structure new laws as needed.   Below the Admiralty are the Chiefs. The police chiefs are to top rank within a particular precinct. Some precincts do not have a physical location, but can be a fleet of ships. Other precincts can encompass an entire planet, and all orbiting stations, or just a city, depending on the size.   Below that the ranks make their way down like most police forces.
  • Inspector
  • Major
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant
  • Sergeant
  • Detective
  • Constable


Over the years, the power of ESF has grown and grown. Since they own the prisons, and make money based on how many people are incarcerated, fabricated evidence and false arrests are very common.   The abuse of power affects all but the most powerful citizens of Earth.

Public Agenda

Officially, Earth Security Force is there to enforce the laws, protect citizens, and may be used in times of war to protect Earth controlled space.


Several dozen ships patrol Earth controlled space. Most are medium scout ships, or large corvettes. however, they also have 2 Dreadnoughts. The overall breakdown is approximately this.
  • 2 x Dreadnoughts (Behemoth sized)
  • 12 x Battleships (Gargantuan sized)
  • 12 x Destroyers (Huge sized)
  • 12 x Light Cruisers (Huge sized)
  • 40 x Corvettes (Large sized)
  • 48 x Scout ships (Medium sized)
  • 12 x Prison transport ships (Medium sized)
There's also several dozen one and two person fighters. Some are assigned to larger ships, and others are used as local patrol vessels in their precinct.   There's also several dozen shuttles that they own.


Founded in the year 2577 OER, shortly after the third form of planetary government was founded.
Founding Date
2577 OER
Government, Law Enforcement
Alternative Names


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