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The Guardians

The Guardians is a small and secretive organization that protects those in need of help all over the continent of the realms. Each member of the organization wields different powers and they agreed to only use their power for good. To some people, the members are symbols and even personification of hope. The known members of the Guardians include: The Wind Lady, The Knight of Flames, The River Maiden, and The Grey Traveler. The organization is above the law, as they operate in secret and they mainly do good things, and most of the population believe the group is just a myth.


There are not really any ranks within the organization. All group decisions are made by voting of each member.

Public Agenda

The main goals of the organization are: help those in need, promote justice, and bring hope during dark times.


There are not troops, castles, nor wealth for this organization. The members act themselves and uses their powers when in need.


The first and earliest member of the organization, the Grey Traveler, was born around the Age of Dragons. After the Grey Traveler realized how unjust and corrupt the realms are, he began promoting other members throughout the ages. For an unknown reason, the group lived far over their supposed death age. The organization faded from reality into a legend that exists in people's mind.


The organization is only disbanded when the majority of the members agree to dissolve the group.


The organization occupy a valley in the Central realm, within the Peaks of Dragons named the Secret Valley or the Guardian Valley. The valley is hidden by the mountains that surround the place and the entrance is blocked by an enchanted forest called the Guardian Forest.

The Night is Darkest Before Dawn.

Founding Date
The Guardians were founded during The Age of Dusk
Military Order
Alternative Names
The Council of Stars
Legislative Body
The rules and requirement are made by a council vote.
Judicial Body
All the members of the organization take responsibility.
Parent Organization

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