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The Red Blooms

A name that strikes fear into many, the Red Blooms are criminal syndicate that is as nearly widespread as the continent of Qey itself. Though certain areas have only heard about them as a rumor, while others live in fear of their activity, there are few countries as under their thumb as East Sahv is. It is widely understood, in East Sahv, that they seem to rule the country from the shadows. Most inhabitants pay more heed to the Red Blooms than the King, understanding him to be mostly a figurehead. Officially, he rules the country, but unofficially, he's in their pocket. Not only are they above the law, they are the law.   The Red Blooms are most well known for their involvement in the pet trade, but they have been known to engage in any number of money-making schemes.    Most attempts to break up the Red Blooms have failed, as despite pockets appearing and disappearing, no one really knows who is behind the uppermost levels of the organization. It is often hypothesized that they live somewhere in or near East Sahv, however, as their presence is so large there.   Little do they know, the true brains behind the organization are more subtle than most might think. To the outsiders, even to most of the Red Blooms' own people, the king is in their pocket. In truth, the king is in his own pocket, in a way. Despite Nerun Tresdald's old-and-decrepit-man-with-dementia act, he is as sharp as a tack and with the resources needed to maintain such a criminal empire, and is the real brains behind the Red Blooms, in such a way as to still have the disregard of the common people.
Illicit, Syndicate


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