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Hecate's Cult at Thebes

  Like most cities in Mythoversal Hellas, Thebes is home to a cult of the Minister to the Queen of the Underworld, the goddess of magic, witchcraft, ghosts, necromancy, and cheesecake, commonly known to mortals as Hecate.   Like most cities in Mythoversal Hellas, Thebes often finds itself in thrall to the whims of the mystical goddess and her magic-wielding followers.   And like most cities in Mythoversal Hellas, Thebes has no way of ridding itself of this cult, of determining who among its citizens are members, of limiting their activities, or of locating their base of operations.  


  The history of Hecate's cult at Thebes is, in many ways, typical of such cults in a variety of cities:   The city was founded by a Sidonian prince who slew a dragon and dropped fifty of its teeth into the ground, which sprouted as fully grown warriors who fought a pitched battle until there were only five survivors who formed the start of a noble class...   ...and a few days later, a fully-functional Cult of Hecate had already sprung into existence.  

Organizational Structure

  At the head of the cult is the High Priestess, who controls the temple, its worship, and its public outreach.   The identity of the Priestess of Hecate at Thebes is unknown even to members of the cult. She wears all-concealing robes and a mask that alters the tone of her voice.   Under the High Priestess are high coven leaders, who also operate as deputy priestesses. Under the high coven leaders are the low coven leaders. These are, basically, coven leaders who have yet to pass their high coven leader exams. Under the low coven leaders are the members at large, and under them, for all intents and purposes, are all other citizens of Thebes.  

Location of the Secret Underground Temple

  We're sorry, that information can't be revealed over the Internet. But if you are truly interested, make a sacrifice and the appropriate signs, and a temple representative will be in touch.
Mythoversal Hellas
Religious, Cult

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