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I know the tulips are such a burden and I wish they would stop herassing you so that you could work more efficiently.
Lillianania, on the brink of taking out a rival

When entering a settlement or society one must ask who is in charge. Often "the government" is too easy of an answer and not very accurate. Where the tulips operate "the government" is quite far from the truth.


At the head of the organisation is the person known as the black tulip. Most only have fleeting interactions with them, usually only to exchange pieces of information.

Below that are individuals or small groups who do most of the physical work. These individuals and groups are known as tulips with a colour, for instance the red tulip. The black tulip is known to only take a small share of any stolen goods, and no share at all if the theft was an order, with some exceptions.

While this made the least prominent in the socety rather content the higher one was in society the more likely one was to instead be in the tulips grip by bribery or blackmail.


The tulips operate in such a way that they are never a large enough thorn in anyones side to be worth dealing with, allowing them to operate without much in the way of opposition.


The exact amount of assets is very hard to quantify, due to the freeform nature of the organisation. It is more important to know that the tulips don't stockpile much in terms of assets, and instead use illicit channels to quickly gather anything needed in the moment.

Illicit, Other


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