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"You misunderstand, Officer Aqor. I request this not for myself but for Kai Shiŗoyo."   Aqor flushed at the woman's admonition. "Many apologies, Friend Shaibdaiaŗ. I did not intend offense."   "That is good friend. I will be happy to report your cooperation to Kai Shiŗoyo."   Aqor bowed his head. "Yes, it will be as you say."
  The Shiŗoshodai, or Heart of the Dragon, is the secretive inner circle of the Shabai'aith Ptish. It is within this group that Tinaul qī Narat has full influence over the members. It is this group that knows the true purpose of the Shabai'aith Ptish—to bring Kai Dīnanil upon the world.   Thanks to years of work by Tinaul, Shiŗoshodai has influence over all aspects of life in Daitī, the capital of Ptau. She has the ear of the Prince and, through underlings, Shiŗoshodai controls most official aspects of the city government. However, no one would directly admit this truth.

Public Agenda

The Shiŗoshodai is completely unknown to the general public. That said, they implement their agenda through the actions of the more visible parts of the Shining Path.


History of Shiŗoshodai   Somewhere along the way, the entirety of the underwold within Daitī is taken over by Shiŗoshodai. Influence is stretched to other major cities within Ptau. The Prince is introduced to Tianaul and begins treating her as an unofficial advisor.  
1916 CT
Tinaul convinces the Prince that Ptau should start planning the complete destruction of the Principality of Bikal.

Nan nau dītai kai Vaushodai! (We will awken the Dragon!)

Founding Date
1854 CT
Religious, Cult
Alternative Names
Kai Shiŗoyo; the Heart
Leader Title
Parent Organization
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Fourth Age (Common Time)

14656 and beyond


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