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Daitī /ˈdaɪtiː/ is the capital of the Principality of Ptau. The settlement that Daitī was built on was founded well before the Kaushan as a whole settled in the area. The Qishaiŗo Tribe found a fortified building buried in the side of the Tivotay Mountains and settled near the safety of a solid building.   The building that was found was originally a military bunker contructed during the Second Age. It was designed to be secure from near nuclear strikes. At the end of the Second Age, the site was buried by rubble from a nearby conventional weapons strike. When the Qishaiŗo found it, it had been recently lifted from be rubble by earthquakes.   The bunker became a secret place for the Qishaiŗo. They concealed it at the center of their settlement. Since it was mostly underground, this was relatively easy. The came to call their settlement Daitī, a place of safety.   After the split of the Kingdom of Kiŗaun, Ptaidai naqī Badnīl, who was given the portion of the former kingdom that included the Qishaiŗo, decided to make his capital at Daitī. He did this as his best friend from childhood was a member of the Qishaiŗo tribe who shared the secret with him. With the assent of the leaders of the tribe, in return for preferential treatment for positions in the to be established government, Ptaidai constructed his castle on top of the ancient bunker.   As the city grew around the capital, the bunker was forgotten. After Ptaidai's death, the castle eventually fell into disrepair and was eventually abandoned in favor of less "royal" governmental buildings.
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